Pan Can startup issue

When I plug in this NEW pan Cam, it does the rotation in finding the stops fine, then it centers, but then it goes off center.

Any ideas as to why? I have an older camera that does this too.


Welcome to the forums! Do you have a waypoint or detection zone set that it’s panning to?

No, it is brand new right out of the box. The older one is not set up with any zones either.

You may have to set it up to point at a “home” then. In settings, advanced, motor controls, pan scan settings. Make one waypoint were you want your home to be then after inactivity or after powering it up it’ll reset to that spot.

I should not have to do that right out of the box! The other’s didn’t do that.

Now my Pan camera is doing the exact same thing. It never used to do this.

Wyze please fix your software and stop devoting so much time on new products!!!