Pan cams slow to respond after connecting

I’ve noticed lately, that my Pan cams take a few seconds to respond to the controls after connecting. The bit rate appears slow at first, then cranks up after a little time. This is happening for bother cameras on my network and cameras I control remotely. Once connected for 10-15 seconds, they operate normally.

No one else?

I normally don’t connect to a PanCam and immediately pan it, but I did just now test it … was immediately responsive - I last connected to it about an hour ago.

Thank you very much for checking! It looks like my remote cam is taking about 10 seconds before it responds to controls and it’s then a bit laggy despite a good transfer rate.

The pans on my current network take a good 5-7 seconds to respond and have a slight lag, but not as bad as the remote pan.

All three of my pan cams are very slow to respond. When they do start to get better it’s only a little better. I’ve power cycled them, restarted router and uninstalled/re-installed apps. It’s the same on iphone and iPad. And now they are being turned off on their own. I’m about ready to disconnect and smash them.

Thanks for sharing! I’m still getting the connection issue with a few of my cameras. Interestingly enough, I purchased two new pan cams and held off on updating the firmware. They are connecting and moving quicker than the other pans with the latest firmware. I’ve reached out to Wyze, submitted a ticket and per their request submitted my logs. I’m sure they’re currently looking in to it.

I’ve noticed on the cams that are having trouble: When initially connecting, the bit rate fluctuates a lot, sometimes dropping down to zero. It’s almost as if the camera takes a good 30-45 seconds to get a stable connection.

I also seem to notice cameras jumping around from different image quality levels when this happens. Seems it may drop the cam down to SD or 360p

This is still happening. It’s been a real challenge using the cams. I’m often having to wait a good 30 seconds before they will respond to any movement requests.

Cam pan was working fine but the 8gig SD card was dead and not working, so i replaced it with a 32gig card. Now when using the app to pan there is about a 10 second delay that wasn’t there before any suggestions?