Pan camera freezes on live shot and lighting flairs

I was watching my dad on the Pan camera, bought this year, and then his sensor went off that his door was opening. But the camera showed him lying in bed. This seems to happen more frequently where the live shot has frozen. Also, the camera picture will flair light and then darken before going back to normal. I’m thinking I might just need to go back to the original Wyze camera I had (not pan). Any suggestions would be great appreciated.

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Pan Cams, while great in many ways do, in my experience more connectivity issues than the V2’s. I guess the question is, do you need the scan, etc. features of the Pan. If not, I would probably recommend switching back.
The flairing issue sounds like the night vision automatically switching back and forth as the ambient lighting changes. Try setting it to on and see if it still flairs - you won’t have color but it will give you the infrared to see at night.
If you want to pursue this further here, in general, to assist you better, it helps the forum folks to know:

-Phone or other Device type and OS version on phone/tablet

-Wyze Device Type and model,

-Wyze app version. (Home Screen/Account/About). Beta or Production Version

-Firmware version installed on Wyze device (Settings (gear icon top-right)/Device Info/ Firmware Version) - “latest” and “up to date” are subjective and will change as updates occur

-Type of router (brand, model, is it from your ISP?). Is your WiFi using a dual band or a single SSID broadcast. Most importantly, are you on the 2.4g band?

-Distance from your router your Wyze device (Cam, etc) is located

-number and type of obstructions between router and device (s). Walls, metal or electronics, etc.

-Signal strength and quality at the Wyze device (Settings/Device Info/Wifi Signal Strength)

Regarding the flairing, I ran one of my V2’s in night auto for months, then it recently started flairing. Only way I could solve it is to manually turn night mode on at night and off in the morning. It’s probably due to random light changes in the vicinity of the cam, in my case I suspect maybe a neighbors light flickering off and on.

Thank you so much for your response. I just realized that I needed to update my iPad OS. Hopefully that will fix the issue. I’ll let you know.

Thank you for your response. I agree, I likely just need to turn it off. But I think my real solution is going to be changing back to the original Wyze camera. I do not have this problem on my 4 non-pan cameras.