Pan Cam Wont Align

My Pan Cam is not aligned, when power on, the cam stops with power plug in front; not at back like supposed to. Can someone give suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks

Do you have motion tracking on or pan scan? Because the power cord is just going to be in any position with a camera that moves it could be in the front it could be in the side it could be in the back just depending on where you ended up moving the camera

Hi, @corinnamr. Is that the normal location for your pan? If so, I would say it is catching on the shag carpet preventing the upper portion of the cam to turn freely which would make the base of the cam spin around instead of the camera itself.


When you pan it manually left and right to it’s max stop points, is that where it stops? Are the stop points the opposite of that?

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This is where it stops.

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It stop like this, I set I sat it down for picture purposes

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You aren’t answering the first questions @paindonthurt asked you.

Do you have motion tracking on or pan scan?

These are camera settings in the app.

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I was able to find fix on line. Thanks

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With pan scan on the camera will start up and align to the first saved point.

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I reset to original setting by holding the reset button for 20 seconds.