Pan Cam v3 —still shots

I purchased a new Pan Cam v3 for my best friends after they recently had a black bear visit their home and was crawling around on their deck just outside their bedroom. She has a lovely area and all creatures big and small are generally invited. However being the techie type I am and having 6 cams and several other Wyze products, I wanted her to get this bear on camera, so I immediately purchased the camera for her, even though I’m still running v1 & 2’s here!!
I purchased a memory card for the camera too, hoping it wouldn’t force her to have to have Cam Plus in order to view events. She says that when she goes to review footage, it’s just still shots.
Does she absolutely have to subscribe in order to see events that happened on her camera, if she’s not watching live, or is there a setting she’s missing?
I didn’t want to gift her something she’d have to pay more for. In hindsight I could have given her one of my old cameras (from another brand) that doesn’t require a subscription, if I had known.

She must be looking in the event tab, thats where the cloud events are shown. If she doesn’t have any subscriptions attached to the camera, motion here will just be a still shot. The live view page also has the updated UI where it does show cloud events below the PT controls, but these are your cloud still shots, not the SD card recordings.

Nope, SD card local recordings are not tied to the cloud recordings. If she has the SD card in the camera and has microsd card settings enabled in the device settings, from the live view page she just needs to click on the “SD CARD” button just below and on the far left of the live view page.

Also note that without a Cam Plus Subscription on the cam, it is subject to a mandatory 5 minute cooldown lockout between uploaded video events.

If the cam motion activates because of a leaf blowing and uploads a thumbnail snapshot image, she will get a Push Notification to the app for motion. However, she will not get any uploaded thumbnail snapshots or push notifications on the cam for the next 5 minutes regardless of what may be happening in front of the cam.

The SD Card recordings will continue though. If Continuous recording is selected, a 1 minute MP4 video file will be saved for every minute of the day. If Events Only is selected, only those 1 minute MP4 video files that contain motion will be saved.