Pan Cam V2 noise level when rotating

Just took delivery of two new Pan Cam V2s, I noticed one is significantly louder than the other one when it is rotating.

I placed one just outside a sliding glass door in an sunroom from our bedroom (the kitty cat room).

Camera sits on the floor, as we want to keep track of our 17 year old blind cat.

The one camera was much louder than the 2nd Pan Cam, so I swapped them (Loud camera is in a part of the house that we are not in all that often (but a lost 17 year old blind cat finds her way over there.

I’m going to install a sound app on my phone this weekend, to see if I can get a sound level reading on the two for comparison.

Is there a way to make the loud camera a little more quiet?


We notice that as well,which I could care less about,we bought them to replace the older PTZ cams we like the low lighting options

The one is loud enough, that we had to move it, or would wake my wife up every time the cat walk in view of the camera (Camera is ground level in the sun room, which is the cat’s room, just outside of our bedroom)

So, the sound level is not acceptable.

One would think both camera’s would be ‘equal’ in sound level when rotating.


Well then return it or turn off the ptz