Pan Cam: Suspend return to detection zone or home position during live streaming

When you have detection zone set for a wyze pan, it returns to its home position after no motion is detected for like 10 seconds right, that’s good (though it would be cool to be able to change the amount of time)
But when you are in live view looking through the camera and you move it to watch something it will try to keep going to home, so you have to keep moving it. The ability to have the camera not move when in live view would be much better

When I am viewing the live feed, after 15 seconds, the camera repositions itself to the detection zone. I understand why this feature is there in general, but it seems like the camera/app should recognize when I am live viewing and not reposition. Only after I close the live feed should the camera go back to the detection zone.


Add the ability to disable the reposition while viewing…maybe a button above the camera/picture button? Then when the feed is closed it would automatically turn the detection zone/repositioning back on.

It is just frustrating when I am watching something on the live feed and it moves my view.

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I have a pan cam that monitors a very complex aquarium setup at a home that I am not able to get to very often. I frequently use it to check up on equipment which I can manipulate via computer. when not in use I prefer the camera be pointed at the door to the “fish room” to capture anyone that enters. however it seems to just return to the home position (the door) only seconds after I stop moving it. I like that it returns to the home position but I would like it to do so after about 1 min of inactivity. it says its supposed to wait 15 seconds at the moment but in reality its 1-2 seconds.

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One of my camera locations is rural and has a very slow connection based on typical standards. My problem is when I pan, the APP or camera timeout, begins its countdown to return to its home position. I don’t even get an update on my phone before the camera has already returned to home. Please provide a setting so the timeout to return to home position can be set by user to up to 99 seconds, or longer. Or alternately make the APP use 99 seconds as a default.

Please provide a setting so the timeout to return to home position can be set by user or have it return to predesignated detection zone only after you exit the manual pan manipulation screen.


Request to temporarily override the 15 second “return to detection zone” position when the Detection zone is enabled on PTZ Cam-Pan cameras.

This would be useful when viewing a live stream as quite often, with a PTZ, a user may want to “check in” and pan around for more than the 15 seconds currently allowed before the camera automatically returns to it’s “detection zone” position.

I suggest either a way to customize the timeout so that it could be set to not return for up to 5 minutes, and/or a toggle button (perhaps with a visible countdown) on the streaming screen that allows overriding this.

Currently, motion detection has to be turned off then back on again which is “awkard”…

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I would like to see a position hold button on the pan cam. Sometimes I like to direct the camera to another ocation other than the detection zone. This would allow you to bypass the set detection zone 15 sec return until you shut the hold off. This could be programmed to the center of the direction buttons.

There’s times I need to rotate the camera to look at something, & just after I get the camera looking where I need it, the camera quickly rotates back to it’s home position. I know I can dig thru the menus for the cam & turn detection zone off (& by then what I needed to monitor is gone), but I don’t want to have to reset detection zone every time I disable it, only to have to go back & re-enable it & re-select the zones. Would just be easier & smart to have a “disable” selection button under the MORE setting next to the “motion tracking” selection button. Please!

…ABSOLUTELY… I’m just re-iterating my request above for this. It seems like it should be relatively easy to implement, many people have requested it, it seems like an obvious “missing feature”, yet, so far there has been no hope of any progress on it from Wyze.

…So, asking again, Pretty PLEASE, with cherries on top, PLEASE add this!!

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