Pan cam strange unknown lights

So I just got my camera set up in closet space behind walls so there are no windows. We have had some animal issues so we set it up to see who is causing it. And the room is pitch black no light or air currents flowing. And ive gotten a few videos of movement the camera recorded of whit balls of light moving very fast and in random directions and im wondering if the camera is causing them or what it could be. I have night vision on all the time because it’s always pitch black. The doors are sliding and completely sealed and have floor locks too. We have seen a mouse in the videos which has glowing eyes but this is different. There where two larg balls of light and some small and some are far back moving and one went straight up very fast. Its not dust or fiberglass reflecting the light from the camera because it would need a strong wind current to move as sporadic and fast. I don’t know much about how the night vision lights work on the camera so im not sure if they are what has caused these light balls or how.

That would be small insects or bugs flying around. They look big, fast and out of focus because they are close to the camera.

Definitely orbs. Those are spirits. Your house is haunted. Wyze is the only cam on the market that has captured this phenomenon successfully. That’s a known fact. At least here it is.


The thing is there have never been insects in there ive gone in multiple times after the notifications to check stuff and nothing is flying around. That was one of my guesses but i never see anything. And there was nothing like this on last nights camera at all or the first night.

I have one in my crawl space dugout area to watch a very old gas boiler. I’ve been down there with the light on and seen nothing, turned the light off and seen the same type of thing flashing around me. Turn light back on and nothing. Easy to replicate. I have insulation (and dust) also. I’m pretty sure that’s what you have-either motes or bugs. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I put some fly traps to see im thinking maybe moths. But one video is definitely not a bug. The orb is a little slower but completely transperant. It’s different than all the others.


Also, Tinker, seriously, they’re bugs. They live there. They fly around. It’s what they do. The camera’s sensor and the IR lighting emphasize their movements. Don’t worry too much about it.

I’ve seen some really weird ones but yours look plain and ordinary.

Oh, also, this is the first Pan Can footage I’ve seen. Those things swivel fast! I’m impressed.

They are really fast whenever i go in to fix something it knows before im even in there. And is already facing me. I actually had a mouse prank me with them. I think. I got a notification and when I checked the video I didn’t see anything in the highlighted area till I zoomed in and it was a piece of cloth moving. It was dangling off a tote and slowly moving. I think one of the mice were behind the tote pulling something. Otherwise it would be kinda creepy if not.