Pan Cam spins by itself and skipped 3 mins recording

First time posting here in Wyze community. I’ve owned 3 Wyze cam V2 and one Pan cam. Lately my daughter’s stuff are getting lost and then will appear somewhere after a day or few days. At first we thought she’s just forgetting where she puts her stuff. But I tried to put the pan cam in her bedroom and have it continously recording. Then few days later, she said that the camera moved and spins which is normal. She asked me if I accessed the camera , I said no. I went and looked at the recording and saw that its missing 3 mins of recording. That is also the time that the camera spun by itself. Also I did disable the motion tracking so it should not spin when motion is detected.
Anybody here have this issue with their pan cam that it will spin by itself amd losses recording? I uploaded the video. Watch the clock, before it hits 39 mins it jumps to 42mins.


Sorry for the long post.

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Most likely it had power interrupted briefly and re-booted.


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This is most likely the camera power back up or rebooting like @K6CCC said. Has this been happening frequently?

This is the first time it happened. But I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks.

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