Pan Cam Shuts off during startup

My pan cam seems to have a short circuit or something, When it starts up it gets to the point where it spins around and that shuts it off. I unplug it and plug it back in, and it does it over again. Also sometimes when I plug it in it doesn’t start at all, and will only start if I shake it a little bit.

Hi, @Stigers. Welcome to the community! Be sure to check the micro usb plug that plugs into the bottom of the cam. Sometimes the movement will create a loose connection over time. If that doesn’t help, I think I would contact support about this issue. They will be glad to help you. If the camera is less than a year old it’s still covered under the warranty. To open a support ticket click here.


Thank you for the information! I checked when I bought it and it was purchased on December 2, 2018. So it was just barely a couple days older than 1 year. When I noticed it didn’t work I was trying to get it setup because we are having issues with packages being stolen from our mailbox.

@Stigers I’m having the same issue with my Pan Cam. Where you able to solve this issue?