Pan cam not working

Ive had issues with my pan cam on and off since we got it. Now its completely unusable. The screen all multi colored lines. I cant figure out how to post a pic (screen shot)

Any advice on whats going on ?

What have you tried for troubleshooting? Restarted the cam? Taken the SD card out and try a restart? Go back a firmware? With the screen lines it sounds like a thing for Support to handle due to possible hardware failure. Here is the support ticket link.. Sorry your having the problem. If you still trying to post a picture (which I am still interested to see), there should be an attach picture button near the typing box (on my phone it’s a disk drive with an up arrow on it).

Is there a @moderators around that can make sure this nice user has the permissions to be able to post a pic? Thanks! :slight_smile:

@frank.7 You should be good to post a picture now. Click the image icon above your reply to post.

@Omgitstony, thanks for the heads up.

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Thats what it looks like guys

Definitely go the Support route. That’s pretty abnormal.


Just posting because WOW. I’m going to share that photo with the team. Hope you reached out to support!

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