Pan cam not color?

My stationary cam has a color playback as well as live, but my pan is black and white or gray scale. Did I not set it up correctly?


Have you checked that the night vision switch is set to OFF, or if AUTO that the camera is not in a dimly lit area?

I’m on auto, but did switch to off & on —-reset cam…still b/w

Sounds like you have a stuck IR filter. As an experiment, you can try to hold a strong magnet on the sides/top and see if you can get it to move manually. If that works, it might get unstuck. But if the problem remains, you’ll have to file a support request to get it replaced.


Was going to try the magnet trick, but …8AM still B/W but by 8:15 changed to color…so 16 hrs later still a color picture. Must be HPFM

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