Pan Cam Keeps Beeping

My pan cam is producing a single high pitched beep every few minutes. The camera seems to be working fine. I tried submitting a support ticket but it wouldn’t go through; the form kept saying the captcha failed. I searched the forums but didn’t see any previous posts about this issue. Why is the camera beeping?

I’ve timed the beep and it happens consistently every 5 minutes.

Unplugged the pan cam, waited 30 seconds and plugged it back in. The beeping is still occurring.

Is it actually a beep, or are you hearing a double chime sound? (ding, ding). If you are hearing a double chime, then that is related to the SD card.

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Single beep

Resolved. It was a beep coming from a very small, hidden electronic device next the the camera. The high-pitch single beep made it difficult to find the source, Sorry for reporting a non-issue. Learned a good lesson to check and double check before posting. Great news is that the camera is operating wonderfully and the forum is full of helpful users. Big thanks to all those that took time to reply!


At least you posted that you figured it out and that it was a non Wyze issue

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Glad to hear you figured it out. I’ve never heard any of the Wyze Cams beep before, so I was really confused. :smile:


It takes a good person to admit their mistakes. Welcome!