Pan Cam Hardware - Fatal Defect

As mentioned previously, this is not only still happening, but can be fixed with a relatively inexpensive design change: a slip ring.
Slip Ring with Flange - 22mm diameter, 6 wires, max 240V @ 2A : ID 736 : $14.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits as a consumer example

I know from a manufacturing standpoint a physical block on the main gear is most likely the preferred method for preventing the wires from twisting, but it appears the software hasn’t been able to accommodate (Wyze controls the SW while the HW is a shared platform). I have a support ticket open as well (Wyze has amazing support staff and customer service BTW!) so I’ll be taken care of, but at this point, I’m just expecting a replacement pan cam that will fail again at some point. TBH, I’d rather have a regular v2 since I don’t really need the pan and tilt features.

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One of my pan cams failed and I chopped it up to it being outside so I just replaced it and kept the old one to take apart and same thing happened, it self-destructed lol twisted the power cable till death

Anyway, not a big deal, I fixed it but just wanted to chime in so they’re aware. Exceptional cameras, great software

$15 part for a $25 camera?
How would they pay employees salary and the electric bill?

Another case of the spin killing a camera. I’ll not buy another pancam until they implement a wireless contact. Especially if this is for power only (it’s a wifi camera), there’s no reason to use wires.

Have a documented case of wires being twisted to the point of breaking. Wyze support tells me that because I opened the camera, I voided the warranty. I brought up the case of the broken wires to the support agent early on in troubleshooting, but he discounted the possibility.

Any chance of getting a replacement for my camera?

I get what you’re saying but how they pay their employees and bills is not up to the customer lol but… if it was, I think I’d need more info on the cost that goes into their business, not limited to the cameras, and it would be eye opening I’m sure