Pan cam dead zone problem

*The pan cam if you set a dead zone as such as cars driving by on the road. I had trespassers a car pull past my camera I TRIED turning the camera to the car but the camera instantly turned back to where the dead zone was set… the camera needs a over ride delay or quick button to turn off the dead zone so you can move the camera. Please I have the recording me fighting with the camera trying to turn it…Processing: IMG_0173.MP4…

Hi @rorie83
It sounds like you either have Detection Zone or PanScan turned on. Either one of these will cause your Pan Cam to return to a pre-set position.
Check and see if either is on and try turning them off if so.

Pan Scan: From App Home Screen/Select Pan Cam/More Menu (at right end of option b bar below image viewer-three dots)/PanScan

Detection Zone: From App Home Screen/Select Pan Cam/ Settings (Gear Icon in upper right corner)/Detection Settings/Detection Zone

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Yes detection zone was on. Which the car put past the camera. The time it took to go in the settings turn it off and then move the camera to the people. Was a lot especially when someone just walking around your house and breaking in. That’s why I was asking if y’all can put a override if it is being manually operated A five minute delay it before returning back or a quick button on screen that would turn that off quickly… please. This is already happening to three other than my friends that have the pan camera. Thanks Stephen