Painfully slow videos

i updated the firmware on my cameras yesterday, 2 things.

  1. does the camera restart when updating?
  2. ever since the update my videos and live feed are PAINFULLY slow. anyone have any idea what’s going on? haven’t changed my internet or anything. it’s just since the update.

Updated my firmware this morning. Noticed while I was looking at the cams my wife was in the living room then walked outside to check the mail. The video feeds started stuttering then froze up for several seconds. Not good.

agreed, but i’m glad i’m not alone on this.

yes, they do reboot after they update, this is automatic and requires you to do nothing.

what versions have you updated to and what cameras are you on?

maybe it’s just nerd habit but I clear the app cache after updates so any files saved are from that update and not from the previous version. I know clearing cache can have some effect on the app in some ways but not sure if it would help in this case or not. are you currently using the hardware decoder in the app?

so they restart… that explains why my dog had a meltdown.
i’m not sure what version they are. i don’t know where to see that. also the camera is a Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor WiFi Smart Home Camera.
and i have zero clue what a decoder app is so i’m gonna say no.

if you go into the live view of the camera having issues and click on the gear at the top right, under I believe its “device info or firmware version” it will show you the firmware version that is currently installed on that camera. that should be the version you updated to.

I always have issues remembering how things are labeled and I don’t have my phone with me currently. :frowning:

okay i have version - which it says is the latest.

You can check to see if it is turned on from Wyze app Account > App Settings > Enable Hardware Decoder (Toggle on or off.)

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all i have under my app settings is “cache files size” with the option to clear.