Package Theft/Video Review

I had an amazon package stolen last night between 8:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. Is there any way I can QUICKLY scan through the video to see what happened? Also is there a way to change the settings so that people are detected BEFORE 15 seconds?


If there are events that trigger, that might be the first place to start.
If you can see the package in the video, it’s easy. In Playback, move back a couple hours and see if the package is there. Once you have an hour or two range between package there and not there, move in smaller increments. I did that for a trashed mattress that someone took. I had two weeks of video to look for, started with a couple days at a time and narrowed it down in just a couple minutes.
There is not way in the app to rapidly skim through hours of video. However if you pull the uSD card and copy the files to your PC, there are several programs that can do that.

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Thanks. Unfortunately, the package was NOT in view. I will try the USD card idea! Thanks!

What footage are you wanting to look at? Cloud or sd card?

If sd, what are your local recording settings?

If sd card, it might be best to remove the card to save from it being over written. Out the card in a computer and some players allow you to fast forward through the clips. I’d also make a copy of the files into your computer for safe keeping.