P2P Network for Wyze Cams

I have five acres with my home, and the old home of my Grandfather on it. Across the road is my Dad’s place. Currently he doesn’t stay there and I pretty much take care of it for him

I have an Asus RT-AC87U running Merlin Firmware.

I have an Arlo Pro 4 camera system with two Arlo Qs inside my home. One of the Qs is less than 2 years old and already failing. Plus I am getting tired of charging the batteries on the Arlo Pro cams.

I purchased 2 Wyze Cams and installed them across the road at my Dad’s house about 500 feet away with good LOS to my house. They are both working pretty well, but I have to run them in 360P mode because at that distance it pops up and says the network isn’t stable please change to 360P.

Previously I had a P2P network using 2 Ubiquti Nanostation M2s. That P2P network pretty much bathed my whole 5 acres and my Dads place in strong signal wifi. One of the Nanostations went out a couple years ago and I didn’t bother to replace it.

Now I am considering buying two Nanostation M2 Loco’s and putting the P2P between me and my dad’s place so the cams can have good signal. I found that even though the Nanostations are directional so you can point them at each other to establish the link, they aren’t shielded very well so they tend to cast a pretty large beam area.

I intend to keep using the Arlo until it goes out, But am going to buy more Wyze cams to fill in holes outside. I bought an enclosure for one of the cameras and it’s working great. Probably gonna wind up putting about 5 or 6 over at Dads, At least three at my Grandpa’s place and several more at my home as well.

Has anyone here done this, or have an opinion on it?


I reckon I am on my own then. :slight_smile:
I had this working very well before, just didn’t have any cameras at the time. Should work fine with no problems I can foresee.

I just ordered two Nanostation M2 Locos a couple days ago, 5 more wyzecams (three black), and will update after I get it all installed and working.