Over charged

I’m being challenged fot cameras i don’t have. Wyzre refuses to reply to my tickets. Chat is never available, I filled out tickets but it doesn’t do any good. How do I get support?

Call them on the phone 206-339-9646

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Chat never is available. I leave Messages, I never receive a response! I’ve filled out numerous tickers, no response. Emails are never replied to, I’m blocked on Twitter, I know why. Instagram and Facebook are never up to date. I just can’t get support.

You aren’t going to find Wyze Customer Support here. You have only 2 options:

Call them during their published business hours:
(206) 339-9646 or (581) 500-1166 (Canada)

Chat with them during published business hours:


If you use the Chat Bot after business hours, it will prompt you to fill out a form for an email to support. Make SURE you are using the SAME email used for your Wyze Account.

I tried chat again using a browser. I still don’t get support.

How did the chat end? Did it give you the option to email? Did you call them? Are you contacting them from the US or Canada?

Chat is never available. I left my information again. Phone support takes too long to get a Agent. I’ll cancel next .

That’s your decision if you don’t want to put in the time to contact them.

I have contacted support many times thru chat during their business hours (Pacific Time) and never had an issue getting a support ticket submitted. I have contacted them once thru chat after hours and have been taken to the email submission form to send an email. I was contacted by email the next day during their business hours to resolve the issue.

Chat is always available. In fact, to prove it is and it works, I just initiated an after hours Chat session. I typed the phrase “Chat with a human”. However, knowing it is currently outside of their published Customer Service hours, I already knew exactly where it would take me. It asked me twice if the solution it provided helped. In both cases I selected No. It then gave me the option to Contact Support and an email option. Clicking that took me to the email submission form. Had I filled it out I would expect that they would have replied within the next 48 hours.

I never gotten past 2 in que. Then it says leave a .I leave the information but I’ve never received a response. Both on the Wyze app and Chrome browser.

When you fill out the email form, it sends you an email confirmation with a ticket number.

Have you checked your spam folder?

I have never received a ticket number.

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Yes, I checked my spam folder.

Dispute the charges on your credit card and be done with it. Trying to deal with a human at wyze is next to impossible. If, by chance you use Chase, you can dispute a charge directly from the Chase app and the money is literally returned in minutes.

You have never let it get to the end where the email form appears.

Do it like I did above. Don’t type in all that explanation in the chat. Type in “Chat With A Human”. It will try to give you a bogus answer twice and ask you if it helped. Click No. Then, when the Contact Support button appears, click it. When the email button appears, click it.

When the email Form appears, that is where you want to type in all the specific details of your request. Delete the entry where it says “chat with a human” and type in the details there. Fill out all the fields even if they don’t apply. Click Submit.

You will get an email confirmation with a ticket #. They will email you back tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest and you can then correspond back and forth by email. The Ticket # is crucial.

I tried again. Same thing that’s been happening.

My bank is not willing to help.

I had the same issue but using the chat and being off hours from them automatically sent them an email and was recognized in moments and even after hours for Chat I got an email from support. My issue was I had 2 accounts that were being charged and we got one stopped on the first email and it took the next day to get the second one off. BTW: I don’t believe I was refunded the $4.99 (or whatever) it was for the months that I had added the camera to the 99 camera deal.
I will stick up for WYZE support chat bot it’s always worked!!!

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I’ve never been able to get support bu chat, email, phone or social media. I’m always number 2 in q. Then I have to fill out form. Nobody’s ever replied.

Get a family member or friend to help you out since it appears you are not doing something correctly. I have contacted support 3 times. Once via a series off emails and the other two times was via the telephone. I called at 9:15 AM Pacific Time, the phone rang twice and I talked to a live person both times. Issues were resolved in 5 min.