Outside light flare problem

I have a problem with an outside light obscuring my Wyze cam monitoring my car parked outside my apartment. At dusk there is no problem, but when dark a fireball of light creates a problem (see photos).
The manager won’t let me tape aluminum foil on one side of the light. Is there anything I can do to improve this? I have no other windows I can use for monitoring.

A strategic tiny bit of electrical tape on the lens and you’re all set.

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Are you indoors looking out? Maybe put a tiny bit of something on the window glass?


Customer: I tried to put a bit of tape on a piece of plastic wrap and stretch it over the lens front. This did not work well, and it had to be such a small dot of Sharpie (too translucent) or tape (still too big this close to lens).

Newshound: It took a bit of practice, but I finally got some relief from the light with a 3mm square piece of black paper on the window pane

(see photos).

Thanks to you both for your help!


Looks like mission accomplished. Nicely done.

I would have thought you could have followed up the Sharpie dot with a tiny piece of black tape over it (or a dot of black paint from a pointed paint brush or toothpick) but your solution seems to be working perfectly.