Outlet Wattage trigger

Is there any plans to have the switched receptacles like the Outdoor model have live power tracking and then be able to use that wattage to trigger events or notifications? All of the other brands of smart outlets have this feature and I’m kind of disappointed that Wyze didn’t offer this outright (it has usage tracking over a period of time, but nothing about live usage).

I see a lot of smart outlets that don’t have any power monitoring features, so far from “all” have it.

I’m not talking about some Chinese knockoff, but the actual brands like smartthings.

And why comment on something that doesn’t help progress or answer my question?

You said “all”, with no qualification. People that are called out on gross over exaggeration almost always try to requalify what they said than simply owning up to it.

Speaking of those “actual” brands like Smartthings:

Where is the power monitoring feature?

Yes, all other brands have this feature. Why are you so mad about this?