Outdoor Wyze Plug will disconnect ALL 2.4G devices and none will reconnect

I have set up a couple outdoor wyze plugs just fine. Everything can connect and work well together. The plug follows rules and what-not.
However, after a few hours or so, ALL of the devices connected to 2.4G will disconnect, and nothing can reconnect until I reset the router. This includes all other Wyze devices we have, my phone, or my laptop.
I have called Wyze support a few times; they just run me through the RouteThisHelps app. Well, since my phone can’t connect to 2.4G while the problem is happening, I can’t figure out what is actually going on. Running RouteThisHelps after resetting the router doesn’t show any issues (connectivity is good for all devices, etc)
I’ve also called my ISP that provided my modem/router several times, and they have had me change settings a few times to no avail. Everything still disconnects from 2.4G every few hours or so.
All of my non-Wyze devices use 5G. When this problem occurs, 5G continues to function as normal.

Welcome to the community @KKCullen . I am also a community Member and try to help when I can.

To provide support, can you provide some information?

  • Are you using Android or iOS and the version of the App you are using
  • The Device Firmware of the Outdoor Plug you are using
  • what type of Rouer you are using include the speeds for upload / download.
  • Dors your ISP Limit and bandwidth?
  • What do you have plugged into the Outdoor plug?

I have an outdoor plug with camera’s hooked to it. It has been on and functioning for months without issues. To any devices on my network. This is why I ask the aforementioned questions.

That sounds like a bad WiFi radio, probably part of your router. I recently replaced my sister’s for a similar situation. Hers was randomly dropping then later picking back up connections on multiple devices.

Additional information:
This only happens when the outdoor plug is powered and connected to Wi-Fi. This has never happened while the outdoor plug was disconnected.

  • we’re using Android devices, with the latest version (2.26.22)
  • Outdoor plug firmware is up to date (
  • Our router/modem is from our ISP: a Sagemcom F@st 3896u.
    Speeds are up to 200 Mbps download / 10 Mbps upload.
  • The ISP will limit bandwidth to 10 Mbps (download) after a cap is met, but this problem will happen before the cap is met.
  • This will happen whether or not there is something plugged into the Wyze outdoor plug.

We’ve replaced the modem/router for a different model.
I will update if it happens again.