Outdoor wifi base station

I’ve been using the outdoor cam now for about 10 days and I’m noticing that the base station is causing 2.4G wifi collision and my macbook keeps dropping connections.

My base station is about 1 foot from my laptop. I notice that when the base station is on, and I ping my wifi gateway, I will see a high latency and then ping drops frequently. Turning off the base station i guess uncongests the 2.4G spectrum and things go back down to single millisecond latency on from my macbook and no wifi drops.

Anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

Any WiFi access point sitting 1 foot away from a laptop will cause issues because of the RF power output :slight_smile:. However, more than likely the base station is operating on the same channel as your primary router. My base station uses Ch 11 but I’m not sure if it tries to pick the least congested channel or if that’s a fixed value for all base stations. You can use a WiFi scanning app on your phone to see what channels are in use in your area and change your primary router to a different channel (1, 6, or 11) than the base station.

If that doesn’t improve things the best option is really to use the 5GHz band since it has more channels and won’t be affected by 2.4GHz congestion.

Also, depending on the MacBook model there were some issues with 2009-2013 MacBooks dropping WiFi and Bluetooth connections when other 2.4GHz devices were nearby.