Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

It seems a little late in the process to be asking what we want in an outdoor camera.
I thought this thing was supposed to be released this year, 2019.


The Eufycam uses a 6700mah battery & lots of people have said that they have had it last almost a year and battery bar still high

No one mentioned a voltage for the mah, makes a big difference

Better than previous questionnaires

Hope it’s helpful

@angus.black I think it’s more for how to market the camera, what to demonstrate, what to emphasize on the packaging etc

Could be. That does make sense given the questions asked.

would a solar setup work with constant recording?
my ideal scenario would be this new rugged outdoor camera attached to a small solar panel/battery unit like the motion detection solar units. i would then attach them around the house where there is sunlight out of reach of people on foot. would that keep the camera running 24/7 (in a really sunny region)? or maybe just sell the solar panel thing as an add-on accessory in the store if people don’t want it as one unit.

Theoretically, yes. You’d have to make sure the solar panel gets enough is large enough and that it’s able to store enough energy for night time/cloudy days. I don’t know enough to give you any specifics on what size panel you’d need to buy, but certainly it can be done.

They’ve already said that won’t be part of the plan for V1 of the outdoor cameras, but you can buy aftermarket solar panels which connect to the USB charging port.

Here’s someone who did it with the Pan camera: 100% Solar Powered Wyze Cam Pan


That belies what their web site shows: Wyze Cam v3 | Wired Security Camera

Everything other than drawing on the fridge, ie watching the baby, dog and grounds for intruders is a security ie CCTV application.

Also, I’m not saying the Wyze should be all picture and nothing else, rather than that should be the main focus. Versatility doesn’t necessarily have to be lost so the camera can still be great for wildlife filming etc (something that would benefit from a great picture anyway), but rather that it shouldn’t be packed with every feature you can think of just to make feature packed at the expense of the most important part of a camera, the picture.

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The same argument cuts both ways. You need to look at how people are going to use the camera. I dare say you can find people using the existing v2 camera as everything from a dashcam, to a naughty bedroom cam, to a wildlife cam, to a security / baby watching cam. However, what is the main user group and that should be the focus (not necessarily exclusively), Remembering as well that this is an outdoor camera and so some indoor applications eg baby watching may be better left to the V2. Also, remember forum members are not necessarily typical members as forum members tend to be enthusiasts of one time or another.

I have to agree Angus, especially if a product is in testing.

The unfortunate side of this is they have a community but there’s been little direct direct engagement up to now. It’s pretty much been left to the community discuss with no feedback as to the merits of ideas, direction, developments etc.

Reading between the lines here though, maybe there’s an opportunity for a late change in spec, or maybe Wyze are considering another parallel product ie 2 versions of the camera to cover more users desires.

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ty. very useful

I agree. I just think you’re off-base if you think the average user is looking at this product as a replacement for high-end professional security equipment. That’s what you seem to be interested in, and this just isn’t intended to be that.


So when???

The only real difference from my standpoint is in picture quality. I’m not necessarily advocating anything beyond that. My perspective is why should home products deliver an inferior quality picture to professional products when the same picture sensors are available at reasonable prices? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro or an amateur. What counts is being able to identify a suspect. Suppose you could make a similar argument as a baby / pet monitor. What if the baby / pet swallows something? The inferior cam might not enable you to make out what it was, the better camera probably could. That could make all the difference.


I want picture quality. If it costs a few bucks more so be it. Most people will pay the extra price if it’s worth it. Sure it’s a Wyze cam so people expect a low cost vs the competition but if the product doesn’t balance cost/quality correctly they will get the cheapskates but lose a lot of people who want higher quality. Personally I will only buy it if it has a good sensor and picture quality.

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Just did the questionnaire, thanks for considering our views !

One option you might make available as an optional accessory for the outdoor cam is a place on the camera where you could plug in a wire from a small solar panel for those who want to keep the battery recharged from solar power. I have a wireless outdoor camera that has a solar panel pre-connected to the camera and every time I check it has kept the battery recharged up to 100% so no need to replace batteries !

Hmm. If marketing is involved, I’m going to guess on a late Oct/Mid Nov. release. :grinning:

As long as the laser targeting works I will be happy! :dart::dart:

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Maybe they could have a Wyze cam and a Wyze Cam Pro with better sensor, better IR, etc


You might want to check out this topic: Ideas for Wyze Cam V3

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That is possible with the V1, V2 and Pan cam, Just get a solar panel and battery. The micro USB is an easy plug. One of the big differences between the “outdoor battery cameras” and the V2 is that the outdoor cameras are generally designed for “snapshot” mode, not constant 24/7.