Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

I think that sounds like a good idea if the sounds is not too loud or annoying

I leave in the subdivision, What I call really annoying are sounds of lawn mowers, blowers loud music and etc. which overwhelmed the air.

In all honesty, I would have thought it very unlikely you’d find this feature. Most cams are designed to be just that, cameras. Of those that might offer the ability to speak, eg The Ring Doorbell, they’re an intercom not a player.

So far as animal noises are concerned, I would have thought demand would be very low as most people either want a camera for security ie watching for burglars, package thieves etc, or to watch wildlife, not scare it.

The best suggestion I could make would be to use a camera and custom build your own sound player triggered by the input from a PIR sensor. I’m sure somewhere there will be an electronics kit for a digital sound recorder / player which accepts or can be made to accept an external trigger signal.

So far as Wyze is concerned, I can’t speak for the developers, but I think it unlikely. The cost to integrate a digital player into the camera. never mind the cost of purchasing the sounds would add a lot of cost to the camera, and I also think it very unlikely there would be “huge demand”, both because of the effect on price, and also because those people who want the Wyze for watching animals, want to do just that, not scare them away!

Thank you CCTVCam for your review of my comment.

Obviously you are not a gardener or a farmer.

This is why you can’t see the demand for this product. And this is upsetting, when somebody blindly making such an opinion.

Just try one time to look at this subject on YouTube, you will see all kind of methods suggested for keeping fruits and vegetates saved and many people looking for that.

I am far from an expert on video cameras, but I am automation engineer and, in my opinion to build this type of device much easier than those traditionally used for security, they are much more complicated and need more expensive hardware and software. I am testing currently a Ring solar camera. It has pretty much everything I need. In order to make it work I need to add a chime. I have already many of wma files with dog barking, owl, and hawk sounds, Birds and Squirrels Sound of the Panic.

I am trying to find another cam which will not need additional modifications, this why I am trying to attract specialists to this product.

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I’d recommend making a separate product request for this one in the Wishlist. We would have loved a way to scare the deer out of the garden when I was growing up! Or perhaps a way to get coyotes away from the house. :slight_smile:

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Actually, no need to make a new wishlist post. There are already three topics that cover this:

ALARM function - #11 by maxrpm

Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

Camera plays a sound (eg. siren) on motion or on demand

Please hop over to those and vote by clicking the VOTE button at the top. Add any comments you wish at the bottom.


Thank you WyzeGwendolyn

Millions of people will appreciate this product.

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Thank you Loki, I will look at this

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They already make this type of devise and they do not work.

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Lev, thanks for the reply. I’m only 1 voice on here and so my opinion doesn’t in any way mean that what I believe is the way forward, will be. The developers ultimately will make up their own minds from the pool of information and opinions on here.

To specifically, address your points made above about farming and gardening, actually I am a gardener and I have in the past pest controlled on several farms. To that end, I’d like to think I know a little. I don’t claim to know everything though or be a single voice.

Replies to your specifics kept bullet pointed for clarity and speed:

  1. Alarm function - some kind of alarm function is easily encompassed by eg an alarm triggered on your mobile by the app. The alternative would be a wireless sounder placed inside, your home, although the latter adds considerable expense to the overall cost.

  2. Siren - a 110db siren. Presumably you want this to scare human animals or larger animals. The issue with a siren is apart from annoying your neighbours, and possibly breaking nuisance laws during the day with frequent triggers and noise restriction laws / nuisance laws at night when it goes off, your neighbours will get used to looking out (assuming they even do), and seeing nothing wrong, especially if triggered by animals.

Experience with burglar alarms that frequently false alarm is after a while, no-one takes any notice. If you’re in your house, maybe you will. However, when you’re out don’t expect it to provide any protection above a plain camera. Even burglars will ignore sirens if they are able to see there’s no response, or can be hidden from view after triggering the siren but whilst breaking in.

They can also disable cameras / sirens in advance once they know they are there. A camera can discreet enough to not be seen until it’s too late and can capture a good facial picture (if mounted at the correct height) before anyone realises it’s there. Add a siren and any potential burglar can see the location from the road from triggers or previous experience eg triggers it, knocks at the door and asks directions or pretends to be a salesman etc, (ie something not actionable), then in the future takes action to avoid the camera or take it out of the picture in advance eg blindspot approach and hammer to the casing, air rifle from cover etc.

As for animal scaring, farmers have tried loud noises over decades. Gas guns have been routinely used to scare pigeons off crops. If you’re not familiar, they sound like shot guns or often really loud explosions depending on the size. The reality is, over time, animals become used to the noises and they become as useful as scarecrows are now. Again there is the nuisance factor to your neighbours which may get you in trouble with the law if you’re not entirely rural.

An example of both a scarecrow and gas gun having no effect after the animals become acclimatised:

  1. Deer mentioned above - Very hard to scare unless approached in person. A 6ft high perimeter fence can help although if you don’t want to live in a “prison” garden, young trees are best protected with deer mesh or bark protection sleeves.

eg of deer mesh fencing from random google result (not intended as a recommendation either for or against):


Tree Protection:


You can use mesh over fruits and veg as well.

  1. Animal sounds - these have the potential to be more effective although again there is a risk the animals targeted will over time learn to ignore the threat sound when there’s no visual sign of the predator to back it up. This is pretty much proven with gas guns. The noise of the shotgun scares them away until they realise there is no farmer with a gun and non of them are being attacked or dying, then the noise alone becomes ineffective. For birds, there are owl decoys that flap their wings or turn their heads, something like that maybe effective alongside a noise, although in the long run nothing is certain. I’m pretty sure this has been tested in the past and found ineffective in the long run.

  2. The best way to control pests is through physical barriers and lethal control where those barriers fail, (where permitted, lawful and possible and safe eg discharging a shotgun in a back garden apart from being unsafe is likely to land you in a whole host of trouble). There also might be non lethal alternatives for small pests that don’t like getting we such as those PIR triggered sprinklers: (random example not recommendation) Amazon.com : pest sprinkler Again though, the a very hungry animal or one that becomes acclimatised to being wet, will probably ignore it over time.

  3. Regarding the Ring Solar, if it already has everything you need, but doesn’t have a chime, the easiest way to achieve that is to ask the devs to add an alarm chime to the app, although I find it slightly puzzling it wouldn’t have some means of notifying you on activation.

  4. Price - although I’ve mentioned this several times in the feature coverage above, I’ll mention it here. The current Wyze costs $20. The Ring Solar costs $229. It’s in an entirely different market therefore. I doubt many Wyze buyers would be wanting the above added if it resulted in a $200 increase in price. However, as I also said above, I’m just one opinion in a whole pond of other users / posters.

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Gwnedoyln, please see my points in the post above. It’s likely any noise will be ineffective in scaring deer or coyotes in the long run.

As an addition, something I forgot to mention above. I used to have a door bell (bell style indoors but still loud enough outdoors to be heard) wired to my drive lighting to alarm when someone encroached on the drive. Cats used to frequent my pond. When 1st installed, cats would bolt upon hearing the alarm. Within a few weeks, cats would just walk straight through as calm as anything after triggering the alarm. As above, animals get used to noises very quickly with regular exposure. In the end, the best deterrent to my pond was an electric cattle fence. That was entirely successful in keeping them away permanently. I would suggest a cattle energiser and fence might be a solution to all the animal problems mentioned above except birds and can be discreet if wooden fence posts are used with insulated metal fixings instead of the temporary plastic posts which are available but stick out like a sore thumb. These can be either mains, battery or solar powered.

Neither deer nor coyotes or other smaller animals will like a 10,000 volt shock. (To those who are animal lovers, there’s so little current there’s no harm caused - it’s in the milliamp range).

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I hopw this happens soon.

My only real request is POE.

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You will want to also hop over and VOTE for this one:

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Way ahead of you, did it before I replied :slight_smile:

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Who are “They”
They already make this type of devise and they do not work.

Thank you CCTVCam ,

Now you sounds much better, I really appreciate your observations and recommendations.

I knew about airport devices which scare birds, but I did not know about PIR triggered sprinklers. I also used nets and they works great, but looks pretty ugly and not always easy to use for a big peach tree especially if it grows next to other trees and bushes which I can’t remove and squirrels jumping from one to another.

About neighbors – again I am more concern of loud music, non-stopping barking, sounds of lawn mowers, blowers etc., which are plenty in my neighborhood. Nobody should even notice, besides unwonted animals and birds these sounds. I also thought about using sound in conjunction of scarecrow preferably moving.

And I also thought that these guys could use to this sounds and movements and starts to ignore them, this is why I thought to use different sounds of nature and definitely not just loud noises of regular sirens.

If it will work I do not mind to pay $200. Ring chime are too quiet, and of course I can use different speakers and relays, and power to accommodate all this. Like I mention before, I am trying to find a product which will be ready to go, if not I may try to make something by myself or by a gun and starting shooting these busters.


You will want to also hop over and VOTE for this one:

How to vote?

Vote button in the top left of the screen. See the screenshot below.


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Having POE your camera is tied to a cabled and you need drill through walls and have a switch ect… If your using a mid to upper end WiFi router at 2.4GHz can penetrate walls and goes for a good distance. The issue that I see is the reliability of the components that can operate from -40C to 110C (component case temperature). Ambient temp -40C to 55C (not factoring in the solar radiation).

There’s a reason people are requesting poe as well as wireless - wireless is unreliable - a single disconnect means no coverage until you discover and reconnect the camera. It can also be prone to interference. Bandwidth on wireless means the video quality is poor compared to poe - that’s why professional systems are usually poe. Forget what the Wifi rating says. The reality is the actual bandwidth is much lower and the speed degrades the further from the hub you go/ the more objects such as walls are in the way. Every camera added shares that restricted bandwidth. With a few cameras it’s unlikely you’ll be able to achieve anything like poe quality.