Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

In my townhouse situation a battery is the only option.

Would love an outdoor cam to keep watch on the new pool. Have several grandkids to keep track of. O do have outlets on the covered porch, so the power adapter would need to be for outdoor use too. Thanks and hope this gets to market soon!

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Yes please

I hope that the battery portion will be separate in order to keep the base camera costs low for those who hardwire and have no use for the battery.

just found these babies…


only problem is I live in Northern Alberta… it gets below 0 F, -40 C
outdoor rated equipment only… usually.

I have had mine out doors and it has been 17 F below zero , Mine is under the eaves Stuck on top of a light fixture With no external cover at all , 95 F last summer.
I have read that other people Have Had 40 F below Temps And they still work outside

Here Is another thread Whose Wzye Cam's are Out in the Cold? The weather Outside is frightful!

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I hope they continue with a USB connection for a power source - This gives me the flexibility of choosing my own battery, maybe a solar panel, maybe 1 relatively large battery and then string several cams together.
With the IFTTT and Sense I’d like to have some “stuff” on standby to record when awakened, but not necessarily 24/7.


when you do release the outdoor cam you should also make the wyze sense sensors weatherproof as well. I would love to be able to place a sensor on my fence gate and the motion sensor in my driveway.

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I’m pretty sure it was said above that the outdoor camera may have a built-in PIR motion sensor


Yay!!! It’s here!!!


LAMO…, really. April fools…

That really could be it at the 25 second mark…

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I agree, my V2’s have a gray base,

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The face of the camera is totally different too. The black circle takes up the whole front instead of just around the lens.

Your right, and no little circle under the big circle!

Any update on the Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam? I’m planning on installing security cameras around my house but I’m willing to wait a few more months if you are releasing a real outdoor cam soon. I have a V2 and when I bring it outside 15 ft from router, the stream quality degrades that it has about 5 to 8 second delay. It works fine inside the house even when I go to another floor but the stucco wall seem to block give Wyze V2 an issue. I can stream video fine outdoor so I cannot say it is a router issue.

How is the design going? Any specs that you can share? i.e. POE capability, Stronger WiFi antenna, etc. and also possible release date?



I have tried reolink, yi, wyze to detect human motion. They all are not working because they are pixel detection based. I ended up pairing wifi camera with other PIR motion sensors. Ring has a product that can do facial recognition. But they are very pricy and require monthly subscription. In that case, customer just switch to security monitor service. I wish wyze can design outdoor cam that detect/alert human motion reliably. If the PIR is the only sure thing to detect human motion, why can’t we combine PIR and pixel detection to detect human? If putting them together prove to be too challenge, pairing PIR motion sensor to wifi camera is a good alternative.

Thought you might be interested in my Wyze outdoor installation and pass it on


Wyze Cam seran…awesome…
.too funny…love the play back clip…maybe next time Camo Cam wrapped in tin foil balled up on kitchen counter…no one one would know it’s a camera balled up inside…1080p…keep smiling and thx again for making great products at ur price points…it is much appreciated


Where did you get the outlet? Part number?