Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

In settings for the camera, under detection settings, you are able to set your Motion Zone. Please be sure that you are running the latest updated software.

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Thank you for the information. Much appreciated.

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You are very welcome! I had the same problem, and figured it out myself. They actually call it Detection Zone

you cannot create a detection zone on the WCO like the v2/pan…on the WCO, the zone is fixed, you have to physically adjust the camera angle to adjust the detection zone.

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Now that the prototype is out and that the Wyze Cam3 is also out, I’m hoping for two things:

  1. The outdoor cam having the same level of nighttime vision as the Cam3
  2. For a solar outdoor variant. I love the battery power for easy movement and travel security, but for a fixed remote outdoor camera, having the solar panel to keep the battery charged will be super.

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You can’t create a detection zone using image processing because the camera must be off 99% of the time to have any battery life.

You are forced to use a PIR (passive infrared) detector like you see on home alarm systems. These will run on microwatts of power and can run all the time without killing your battery. They can not be tweaked and tuned in software. You might have some rudimentary ability to set sensitive but nothing sophisticated.

I agree. Let’s recharge using solar. Love the idea.

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its something they mentioned in the AMA they were looking into. :slight_smile:

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Love the solar idea… Also wish the cameras could create a Mesh network to extend range. Or some kind of stand alone range extender.

I’ve been using one as a game camera for monitoring deer trails in woods behind my house and it is awesome. Would be great to extend further distances into the woods.

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I need an outdoor cam with rechargeable or solar battery power and no dependent on Wifi! Need a true replacement alternative to Arlo or Spartan cameras to use out in the field with the low vision that V3 offers. Please help my dream come true! Want to use for non-profit animal rescue I volunteer with.

You can add a USB solar charger to the Outdoor Cam. It would take a bit of math to figure out how big it needs to be. Maybe someone here has already done that.

How are you going to get the data off the camera? Periodically pull the SD card?

If it’s in a remote location you can get WiFi to go a long distance (miles/kilometers) without much issue if you add a high gain external antenna. I know that was fairly easy to do on the V2 cameras but don’t know if Wyze had some provision for an external antenna on the Outdoor Cam that you can access if you open the case the way they did in the V2. If so I can point you towards a high gain antenna that is reasonably priced.


I haven’t tried to rig one yet. I was hoping they could make one. We need something like cellular. Out in desert areas in AZ for a lot of these pets and no Wifi signal close by.

Stay safe!

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The biggest problem I have with your Outdoor Camera is the REALLY bad battery life. I’m lucky if I get 30 days out of it.

I find all battery powered cameras have this problem. Things can vary a little depending on how much traffic passes the camera in question and strength of the activating PIR, but all of them have to decide on cooldown intervals & recording length vs battery longevity and I haven’t really found any that do much better unless you sacrifice something to extend the battery life (ie: bigger cooldown or shorter recordings).

In the end I decided I prefer wired cams wherever possible.

I do look forward to Wyze releasing their solar panel to keep this battery can charged though, that will be nice!


The sad part is that my two cameras have not been recording since day 1. Right out of the box was the best day my camera ever performed; it lasted about 45 days. My second camera lasted about 30. Since then, I’m lucky if they last 15-20 days. I wouldn’t mind the v3 so much if Wyze would sell LOOONG cables. Since day 1 with Wyze, only about half of my nine cameras still work. Wyze only replaced one because they said the other were out of warranty. I showed them my correspondence trying to get assistance for over a year after opening a job order. I really wished they would have perfected a great camera product before moving on to be the next QVC. YEARS later and we still can’t looked at our cameras soon our TV’s or computers, but you can buy a vacuum cleaner! lol :rage:

Regarding longer cables for the v3, why not go with a 3rd party?


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I do want the option to keep the outdoor cam plugged into an ac outlet - Ring’s outdoor cam has a battery and also lets you keep it connected.

I dont want to climb and recharge the battery every 3 months.
SOlar is a good addition but I would prefer to have the AC option as it is more relaible in my opinion (but to each his own).

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I have a Blink camera still using the two original AA lithium batteries from three years ago :slight_smile:

I just got my Wyze solar panel and hoping it works as well as the Ring one. My charge has been lasting a long time, but recharging is a pain.

Clearly I’m no vendor of wyze, not trying to sell, ive had all these different products and am simply stating that wyze is by far the best!! As for keeping the cameras plugged in, ive had the v3 for over a year, outside, plugged in and they work just fine!!

Steven Baessler

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