Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

Anyone notice how much the WOC looks like a mini front load washer/dryer? :slight_smile:


Lol can’t wait to hang my mini front loader :joy: it’s sucks we have to wait a month or so

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Depends on what you mean, and the location of the smart plug.

The main problem is, you don’t know the discharge rate, and Wyze states “normal” is 10-20 events per day. If it is much more than that, then, obviously the batteries will drain much quicker, on the flip side, if you don’t have any detections in a day, then you wouldn’t want to charge it at all, so you can’t set a schedule really.

These units don’t seem to have the necessary circuitry inside them to monitor voltages, and step down to a trickle charge, since, they were never meant to be plugged in all the time. Unfortunate design decision to make it as cheap as possible.

If you don’t care about warranty, then, do whatever. :slight_smile:

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I don’t get the need for an outdoor cam. I’ve been putting Wyze cams outdoors for years. Never had a problem. I put them in the outdoor mount kit.


But wait a minute…I’m in the great Pacific Northwest and we have gorgeous skies for 70 days of the year…so I have to ask: do you expect me to mount a standard WYZE V2 on a 10’ mast EMT POLE that’s then attached to my Roof for a sky cam and not expect a problem?.

Why is it that YI outdoor cam did this 3+ yrs ago and I’m still waiting to replace it with a Wyze and they can’t seem to get basics understood for what works.

My Yi has never failed in the worst situations as a basic camera and it’s plugged in 24/7 and happily alerts me with a SIREN… IF ALIENS FLY OVER…

Just another problem we can endlessly hope Wyze implements with version 26.999.999.99 of updates about 2 more years from now.

I’m not impressed right now, who ever thinks they call the shots is actually undermining and bleeding off WYZE resources and money for what gain.

Nobody wanted this, battery first is a major flaw for power.


Definitely agree! I like the battery ONLY FOR PLACES I DON’T HAVE POWER but I have 12 outlets around my house. I think it’s really dumb that I would have a battery camera mounted 10 feet away from a power outlet. I just need a Weatherproof Outdoor Camera that can be plugged in and be connected to power!! A battery in the camera would be nice for a battery backup. But we definitely need to option to plug it in. However, Wyze made it so that it’s not weatherproof when plugged in. I hope Wyze develops a second version of Outdoor Cam! Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 Ideas



Wyze really messed up with this device. So many people waiting on this, and they deliver what almost nobody wanted.

I hated the wyze band when I first got it. Battery life was horrible and lots of other bugs. But you did fix it, and now I am very impressed with it. But I really don’t think you can fix what is wrong with this camera with a firmware upgrade.
It’s just not fixable. Scrap it and give us the camera we want!

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I do agree with you that it is not fixable with a firmware update. However…

I do have to disagree here. Over 50,000 units were sold within a few days. I don’t like the Outdoor Camera but I still bought one. I will put some up in the areas I don’t have power.

However, I’m not buying them to put up around my house when I have power options and I can’t use them. I will stick with Wyze Cam V2’s Outside that actually have continuous recording until Wyze finally listens to the people who want the option to plug in. Like I’ve said before Battery is fine for a backup or in places you don’t have power. I’m just asking for the option to plug it in while staying weatherproof. My one question for Wyze… why would you make it only battery??

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Ok. 50,000 units sold. And how many of the people that bought them realized the severe limitations of the device. And how many of those are not going to be happy with the purchase?

The battery life is based on 20 - 30 events a day. On my v2 cameras I have outside I get over a hundred events a day each. I live in a busy area.
So I am guessing the actual battery life in my case would be a month? Less?


I see your point. Yes I will definitely be less if you get that many notifications a day.

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“us” definitely does not equate to the thousands of people who purchased/pre-ordered. Of course there will be many people disappointed that the WCO does behave exactly like the v2/pan but it’s a different product.

How many of your 100 events are false events. I can only speak for myself but I get a ton of false events on my outdoor v2, but very little on the WCO, almost all are true events and am getting 3+months of battery life


How do u change batteries? For arlo pro, I have one extra battery so I rotate batteries and only need to climb ladder once. For WCO, does it make sense to buy one extra one and keep it at home charged to replace ones out with a depleted battery? And need to rename the camera name in the App? Say change camera from ATHOME to something like “front porch”


Of all the events a day, maybe 20 are what I would call false events (caused by wind or reflections)
The others are cars going down my street or actual people. All events I like to capture.

There have been some occasions where people are driving down the street doing stupid things and I want to capture it.

Maybe what I wanted/expected from the new cam was not what others wanted. Ok.
But I still want what I want. And the new cam does not do what I need them to do. So while I do like the other products I have bought from wyze. I will not be purchasing this device.


You could have a extra camera to do that it’s still cheaper then an arlo pro extra battery.


The battery is not meant to be replaced, having a spare would definitely be a option to eliminate downtime.


This camera uses a PIR sensor to trigger events it’s not like the v2 cameras so you will have way less faults events. I get it everyone wants that special feature on a battery operated camera but unless you’ve ever owned a battery operated camera there will always be limitations and you won’t understand. I have had the arlo pro and it works great but not for the price and the cloud storage and yes the only thing Wyze should have done is make a removable battery. Wyze outdoor camera is for people that can’t Install a power source or won’t install professional security cameras. I’m sure Wyze will make the v3 camera semi waterproof. Wyze have proven to make great products at a great price For everyone. Nothing is perfect with every tech company, arlo has its problems, nest has its problems and so does blink. I’m just thankful that Wyze is making it affordable for everyone.


Please do not get me wrong. I like a lot of wyze’s products and have most of what they sell. (Band, scale, sensors and cameras) and mostly I am happy with them.

Are they perfect? No. But at the price point they simply can not be matched.

I just wish wyze would listen and take the time they need to produce a cam that a lot of people want. Removable battery, solar option etc.
It just seems to me they rushed this one to market without giving full consideration to what many people were asking for. Is it at a great price point? Yes.
Is it what I want/need it to be? No.

So I will be waiting and looking for an alternative to this camera. Will it cost me 4 times as much? Most likely.

All I am asking for is the solar panel. If it supported that I would be a happy guy.


Why do people keep asking wyze to come up with a solar solution? Just buy a solar panel of your choosing that has microSD. Plug it in and silicone the port.


Because a solar panel with it. Or charging the camera in anyway other than the supplied way will void the warranty. Also not sure what voltage and amp rating would be good or if wyze has internel voltage regulator.

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I’ve read they are looking in to a solution, not sure if it’s a solar panel or just a waterproof power cord, but we’ll see what happens.

Not many care about the voided warranty, especially on a inexpensive product.

Voltage input is the same as the pan cam, 5v 2a