Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

There is no way I could have guessed your point fron the post I originally responded to. :slight_smile:
I agree, if the locations aren’t already wired plugging the cameras in does become more complicated.

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if they did offer a solar set up most likely it would be an add on item

This is just my opinion, but it might be beneficial to ask the question, define outdoors. By all the reads and the preliminary information that we know about the outdoor camera, I think I can guess that part of the definition of outdoors is away from easily accessible power combined with a waterproof shell.

Which means in places we probably have not already mounted the V2 on the outside of the house.

This is just my guess

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Yeah that’s where the battery comes in , you can put a camera out on a tree or put one , in or on , an out building that doesn’t have power , but if you want to mount it somewhere where power is available then you have the option to plug it in, or get yourself a solar panel for the areas that power is not available.


Any update on the release date of the outdoor camera? I jumped in and bought a Reolink 8 channel with four 5MP POE camera during black Friday sale. From the rumor mill, the Wyze outdoor will be a 1080p but it is all a rumor at this point. I am still hoping that Wyze will release the camera this month as I would like to built with Wyze so I only need to look at 1 app and that I will not need to run cable to the other 2 location I need the camera on. Comparing the 2 app, I like the Wyze notification better as it is easier to view events. Reolink requires multiple clicks and it does not show a snapshot of each event so you have to click on each event video. I like the Reolink video quality compare to my Wyze V2 as I can zoom in and still get a good quality image . If Wyze outdoor cam will come with a 4MP or 5MP camera I may have a reason to return the Reolink if it comes out before the end of the year so I can compare specification.

The status tag of this topic is still, “testing”. With that said, and with comments Wyze has made in this thread, it will probably be released to Early Access in the first quarter of 2020.


Thank you ChrisA. I looked up the Reolink brand and found this great consumer based review on differently designed video cameras. It goes over the limitations and sets the appropriate use cases for various camera hardware types, while showing potential weakness of PoE installation by non-trained installers, and how many people expect too much from a single camera type.

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Nothing prevents you from doing your own solar setup like that. There are plenty of external solar panels/batteries. Having said that, if you’re talking about an always-on camera/continuous recording, the specs you’re talking about would require a pretty bulky setup. For your reference, the panel on top of this guy’s mailbox powers a V2 camera for about 2.5 days. That means you’d need to triple the size of that panel if you want a week of backup power. You also need the battery, which would probably be brick-sized or so.

If you’re talking about a panel to power a camera that only records when motion is detected by a PIR sensor, that could potentially make more sense to build into a camera itself.


Good luck with the Reolink. The reason you can zoom in is down to the extra Megapixels. It both increases the recognition distance and the ability to zoom in without unacceptable loss of definition. However, a higher MP doesn’t necessarily equal a better image. In the day, no issue. At night, currently 2mp Starvis and newly released 4mp Starvis+ sensors offer the best night vision. Outside of these, you can find night vision quite poor on other sensors and generally it gets worse the higher the MP count.

Make sure it capture car license plate very important


Some Reolinks have a physical zoom.

If you’re doing this for the outdoor cam, you might as well make it for all the existing WyzeCams, so the hub will function as the NAS/NVR for all the WyzeCams, much better if the sense bridge can be connected into it.

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If I follow all of your posting @WyzeDongsheng, correctly, the new outdoor camera will have a matching hub located indoors with an micro SD card for storage allowing the remote camera to go into a sleep mode and save battery life as needed.

Will it be one hub per camera?
Which transmission protocol will be used between the camera and hub?
Lens focal length?
Len’s angle percentage?
Will it be compliant California statute, Oregon’s law that goes in to effect Jan 2020 for all IOT devices?

Thank you!

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Since the camera isn’t out yet, I don’t think any of that information is public yet, although I think it’s probably safe to assume that one hub can control multiple cameras.

They’ve said the video quality will be similar to the V2, so I’d assume the focal length/angle will probably be similar, too, although they haven’t confirmed that.

Sorry I probably wasn’t clear. I wasn’t talking in the context of zooming in camera but rather zooming in using a photo editor on some detail in a still taken from the video.

I have to believe that the light on the numbers utilize significantly more power than the V2. Thereby reducing the time for the camera… As I previously stated, I ran a V2 for at least 1.25 days on just 2× 18650 Li batteries in a pack that states 12000mAh on its case.

Thanks DreadPirateRush,

I did not see this delay for the Wyze Outdoor. I guess I will have to stick with 3 apps for now. Wyze for my indoor needs, Reolink for Outdoor and Zmodo for the Doorbell. I may just need to wait for Wyze doorbell to replace my 720p zmodo in the future.

I like the Reolink picture quality better than my Wyze since it is 5MP as compared to 1080P. The video response is faster too due to it being hooked-up directly to the NVR. It could be due my WiFi which is an ATT Uverse 50Mbps using the provided router by ATT.

What I like about Wyze is the app itself and the update that they constantly push to the product to make it better. I also like that I can use Alexa to view my Wyze camera’s from my TV and Echo Show by just saying “Alexa, show me the Living Room”.

So, there is sure plus and minuses between the 2 product. It is easy to use Wyze indoor cause I have outlet everywhere but I like the idea of 24 hours recording for outdoor and being able to setup the alert interval shorter than 5 minutes.

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Does outdoor cam offer 360 view ?

While they haven’t officially released specs, I think you can pretty confidently assume it won’t. A 360-degree setup would require multiple cameras/lenses. But you could certainly buy 3 or 4 cameras to cover 360 degrees of space.

The wider the view, generally the lower quality the picture for 2 reasons - lens distortion and the lower pixel density (same number of pixels, wider area).

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