Outdoor V3 and notification rules

Hi, set up a rule to have my V3 turn off notifications between 7pm and 7am, rule was set but I still get notifications of motion detected. Don’t know how to turn off during that time. (I have car lights that trigger a motion event when it is dark out)

Shouldn’t you be turning Motion Detection off at night?

Also, don’t say Outdoor and V3 in the same sentence. Yes, the V3 is an outdoor camera, but there is a separate camera called the Outdoor Camera. So people will just wonder what you mean…

Welcome to the forums! Did you set the rule up before it was supposed to start? The logic of the rule works like this, when the start time happens the action takes, then if there’s a end time that’s when the opposite action takes. Just because you’re within the time frame doesn’t mean it’s going automatically to switch over if you make the rule after the start time. can you post a screenshot of your rule to this thread? Make sure all actions that you added are visible in the screenshot please.