Outdoor V2 SD Flash & Power Supply


I’ve just ordered Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle v2 from Amazon (I live in France and so can’t buy direct)

Already have the Cam V3 which is just great, running with Cam+ and a 64 GB SD Flash. I’m perfectly happy with it :wave:

Your site says for the Outdoor V2 limited 32 GB for an SD Flash, is this still correct ? or can I add a 64 ?

And like my Cam V3 I have to change the power supply, I’m running a power supply 5V 1.5A which is just fine,

I presume the same is OK for the Base Station and that like the Cam V3 it will only draw what it needs ?


The base power adapter has a 12V 1A output. I do not think a 64 card formatted in exFAT will work in the Outdoor V2, but it will if your format the 64 card to FAT32. The power adapter used for charging the camera has a 5V 2.0 A power adapter.

I have used this to format a 64 GB card to FAT32

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As Antonius replied, the base station power adapter is 12V 1A. But it is not USB. The power adapter plugs into the wall and has a barrel-pin type connection. You will need to use a wall outlet adaptor for use in France:

Also, please note that the Cam Outdoor does not provide a Continuous Record to SD card feature. You can however schedule recording to SD for this cam:


For some reason I thought that I’d read that it was a 5v supply, although I thought to myself that’s low…

I can get a 12V 1a supply from Amazon, now problem and will order so 32 Gb SD Flash cards at the same time :slight_smile:

The base station has a 5V 2A USB output connection located on the side of the base for charging the cam and a USB connection cable is included to charge the cam via the microUSB input connector on the back of the cam:

I don’t remember, but I don’t think a separate 5V 2A USB wall adaptor is included with the Starter Bundle for cam charging. It is included when you purchase the Add-on cam.

@shazbot95 The 12 V 1A power adapter is supposed to be included in the bundle deal.

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Yes, the base station is useless without it.

I don’t think a separate 5V 2A USB wall wort adapter is included in the Starter Kit.

Yes but I’m in France, so the US power supplies are useless, It’s either add a French USA adapter or buy a new power supply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This I’ve already done for my Cam V3, it’s not a hassle as they aren’t expensive

Got it, I thought maybe you were already using a France/ US adapter .