Outdoor v2 cam won't pair and won't manually update

Purchased a starter kit. Base unit comes up on the network just fine and takes two updates like a champ. From that point, everything goes south. Camera refuses to pair with base unit no matter how many times I try (w/ and w/o power).

I talk to support which has me reset the base unit, no dice, pairing still fails. I propose we update the fw on the camera (just in case the later base unit fw is out of sync with the camera fw).

I’m told to download the latest fw zip, unzip, rename that folder to “sd_update”, place it on the card as is, and power cycle. No dice. The camera obviously sees the FAT32 32g card because it is writing things to it (including binary log files I could not read), but it doesn’t seem to find what it needs to initiate an update sequence. No difference between powered and non-powered attempts. The contents of the sd_update folder is curious to me (a .bin, a .zip with a sd_update folder, and a .tar.gz file), but hey.

Any suggestion on either how to get this puppy to pair or update its firmware from the card? Is there a magic step or requirement I could be missing? I would be curious if there is anything more I can do on the technical side to debug this. For example, is it possible to read the log files to see what they have to say on the topic? A magic button sequence?

I’ve read every thread here and elsewhere I could find, but no real tips on what to do next. Thanks for any help you can offer.

The Wyze cams firmware flashing from the sd card… the Wyze cams may fail to do that with certain sd cards that otherwise work fine with the camera. Go figure. Try a very different sd card. If its working with the sd card for firmware updates then it will pull in the firmware from it. the firmware file just has to be named what it says in the instructions and do the buttons right and the right sd card will work.

Sounds like a crazy base station issue though. Personally, I hate that idea and would get rid any cam requiring the base station and get the ones that don’t and get an outdoor grade wifi AP from Ubiquity, TP-Link, or whatever. That’s how I use the cams but I use a outdoor grade POE wired one.

I’m not seeing anything else based on what you said.

Thanks for the reply. I am using a decent card (Samsung EVO), but I have a Lexar coming tomorrow just in case to test the theory that it is the card.

One thing I don’t understand is unlike all of the other cameras, the instructions just say “put this in a folder named sd_update” without saying anything about renaming the fw file (the .bin file) to a specific name. Do you happen to know if it just searches for files with that extension?

Nope, new Lexar card, formatted from factory, latest firmware in a folder renamed “sd_update”, does not appear to do anything resembling a flash update when I turn it on (powered or unpowered) with the card in it.

@SeaStream or others, any suggestion on what to try next to flash it?

@UserCustomerGwen as a fellow devrel/cm person I apologize for bugging you. Do you have a suggestion for a team member I can flag who may have info on the flash process for this model (and ways to debug it)?