Outdoor sheltered outlet OK?

Is it OK to plug the standard power adaptor into an outdoor outlet that is sheltered from the weather? It’s located on the underside of the roof eave and angled inward maybe 15 to 20°. The fascia board extends 4" below the eave, blocking rain from the front.

If not, I will try a plastic in-use cover for the outlet.

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It is not recommended to utilize the provided Power Brick for the v3 outdoors. You could get one of these to power your v3 Camera:

Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter.

With that said, I know that others have put the Power Brick outside in a shielded area, but it does impose a fire risk with humidity shorting something out.


Yes its OK due to the rain will never make it there,it’s kinda dirty I would clean it up first ,due to the bugs will now show up due to the heat the equipment will make


I would not say that it is ok, first it could very easily void the warranty as the adapter is for indoor use only. Water may not be able to get to it but humidity can. There is also chances that water could reach it in heavy winds, there are too many variables to just say it is ok.

What I will say is, many have done it without issue, I have also seen some who have had issues. I would opt for safety and either wire it to an indoor outlet or find a way to protect it from the elements.


Thanks, all.

I did want to order the outdoor power adapter, but it’s out of stock.

I’m in the Orlando area and we’re in our dry season, so I think I’ll chance it for now, and get the outdoor adapter when it’s available. Looks like it would take the extra deep weather cover bubble to fit over the std. adapter, and that costs about as much as the outdoor kit + shipping, anyway.

Well then put the power up inside an outdoor enclosure box…its all workable, if there’s an issue then go from there,it’s no different than those people that run Christmas lights and cords all over. It’s not a $300.00 camera its a cheap Chinese $30.00, if it dies get another one you can worie about a cheap camera

I am not concerned about the $30 camera, I am concerned with the house and people in it if something were to happen.


It will be just fine I have never in my 80 years herd of a house fire with chrismatmas light which is 100 times worse due to alot of extension cords

Wyze power adapter fires :fire::fire::fire: nothing new here Wyze USB power adapter Caught Fire and Melted AC Prongs

Mass productions,it’s China

Is that outdoor outlet GFCI-protected, as most electrical codes require? If so, I would expect that to substantially mitigate any risk.

Keep in mind that specific outlet doesn’t have to be GFCI, it simply needs to be “downstream” of a GFCI outlet (via the connection provided for protecting further connected devices or outlets).

Is it possible that it was caused by the outlet itself and not the adapter? I’ve had outlets and switches go bad in the past.

It doesn’t have a sticker, but I think that was required by code when the house was built in the '90s. I think I have an outlet tester that has a button to force a ground fault.

Seriously doubt that the outlet caused this as the prong is melted off at the base of the Wyze USB Adapter.

Besides if the USB adapter is working properly it draws very little wattage which is not enough to cause the amount of heat to melt the prong off.

There are many burned up Wyze USB Adapters if you do a search on forum.

A typical outlet has 15 or 20 Amp Circuit Breakers so if the adapter shorts out internally then the outlet would supply 1600-2400 watts of energy which is definitely enough to melt the prong off at base of outlet before either tripping breaker or opening circuit because prong melt off separated from the connection.

Wattage values were calculated volt times amps at both minium voltage of 107 VAC on 15 Amp, and maximum voltage of 120 VAC on 20 Amp Circuit.

Too bad our electrical outlet design dates back a bit over 100 years, and is ill-suited for our modern reality of a plethora of very lower power devices.

Even something as low tech as an easily changeable fuse at each outlet that could be swapped out for a lower value could go a long way toward enhancing safety.

AFCI / GFCI Circuit Breakers or Outlets would likely trip the AFCI part.

AFCI = Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter