Outdoor plugs, schedule works on 1 plug and not the 2nd plug

Outdoor schedule is not working like 1 year alreday. Wyze can’t fix anything like always with any devices. Don’t buy this garbage. Everything is Defected from app to all devices! We have to file class A law suit against the company!

Same exact problem here. Will try opening a ticket.

I had the issue as everyone else. In my case I added a device and schedule to the second plug and all the schedules failed. I chatted with customer support. After confirming firmware and app are up to date, we deleted all the schedules, then added a test schedule to the second plug. It worked. I then added a test schedule to the first plug which also worked. Now I have the real schedules in there. We’ll see if that works.


As per the advice from the Wyze forum discussion on this problem, I switched from schedules to rules and that seems to have been an effective workaround. But please put this on the developers list to fix — as you can tell from the forum it is not an isolated issue. Regarding the log I did send one through the app after your first request.


I wonder if these threads are reviewed and sent to the developers?

As an update to my post, deleting the existing schedules and replacing them worked temporarily. I believe it works when the schedules are running from the app, but fail when they are written to the device. It is a nice feature that the app doesn’t have to be running for the schedules to work.

Now for my theory: Rules has “Schedule” as an option. I believe the functionality was taken from the original “Schedule” function. In that borrowing process the ability of the original Schedule function to write to the plug memory was broken.

If this thread does get passed to the developers, I would be interested to know if that is what happened and if it possible to have Schedule live in its original standalone menu as well as nested inside of the Rules menu.

I had the same experience where is worked temporarily, maybe even just once. It is clearly broken, and I doubt it was by design. Yes you can use rules to get it functioning but it is a workaround. So I am patiently waiting a fix and it isn’t causing me grief.

I think all of us just need to submit this. I started with the BOT and when you say it didn’t solve your problem you move to a support person. I went through the process and eventually submitted logs at their request. The first time I tried to submit it I got back a crappy response “your device is out of warranty”. If that happens just start over. You will get a better support person who gives a crap and is smart enough to realize it is a real bug. They will try to solve it by having you try things first and then have you submit a log.

Software companies often have a list of bugs they are working on as well as new features. I believe they have this issue on their list. Bugs and enhancements get prioritized and the more complaints/requests the greater chance something will get fixed. I have worked with Dev once when they were trying to figure out an issue and they did in fact read the forum while researching the issue, but that was after they realized they had a bug. I doubt they are reading all the posts looking for bugs.

Let’s all report this so it gets on their radar.

For some reason, I finally figured out how to get mine working on the latest firmware. For some reason, you cannot have it on the exact same schedule. Dont ask me why. But it seems that when you do a custom schedule and put the start times and stop times a minute apart from each other, then it works. I will double check this again, but this is how its working for me.

OK folks. I think I figured something else out. If you setup Schedule 1 for outlet 1, for some reason you cannot use Schedule 1 for the 2nd outlet. When you setup the schedule for the 2nd outlet, disable Schedule 1 and create Schedule 2 and it looks like you can use the same start and stop times then.

The only schedule that worked for me on plug 1 is the sunrise to sunset setting. All other options/actions failed.

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Did you try any of my suggestions? Make sure you are on the 2.4 GHz network with your mobile device.

I had the same thought and it appeared to work initially (once). But it didn’t work on day 2 or ANY time later.

New problem. I had a local schedule set on plug 1 and it was working fine. I shut off the schedule and it continues to turn on. Uugh. Just going to unplug it.

It would sure be nice if they would fix these things.

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I will be sure to report if it keeps working on mine. So you set up a Schedule 1 for outlet 1 and a Schedule 2 for outlet 2?

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I just checked. You are right. It worked the first time, but not the 2nd time around.


Unfortunately, I am affected by this as well. I have two outdoor plugs that I’ve had for over a year now, and when I first set their schedules they worked for around 8 months before they started having issues.

Like most others, I was using the scheduling function found on the device menu in the app. The problem I have is exactly like others have described- intermittent working “sometimes” they turn off according to schedule, other times they do not.

It’s incredibly frustrating, and these plugs have never been outdoors- they’ve been used in a storage building and have never been exposed to harsh elements.

I’ll do the suggested and open a ticket and send my troubleshooting log in- fingers crossed. However, I did want to make this post to say thanks for the “rule” suggestion. I will try this tonight and report back if it worked for me.

Just reporting back saying that the rules option did work- I disabled all “scheduling” in the individual plugs and used the rules in the app instead. Fingers crossed that scheduling starts working again though. Thanks for the suggestion

Just wanted to report that I just got an outdoor plug and schedules are not working. I will try the rule tip tonight and report back

Since upgrading to 336 schedules are broken on my outdoor plugs. Seems like rules still work

Update: So after a few nights, rules are working to turn light on and then off as schedules should be. Guess rules is the way go

Yeah agreed - I’ve had to disable schedules on both of my outdoor sockets. Otherwise the schedule on one of the sockets was triggering the other socket and not working on the one it was assigned to. Rules seem to be working fine.