Outdoor plug fails setup

Tried to set up new outdoor plug, it just fails with blue lights flashing. App says plug is in pairing mode when the blue light is flashing rapidly. Quick start guide says blue light should be solid for pairing. It also says to press and hold either power button to get the light to stay on solid, but that does nothing. App doesn’t seem to be able to get a log from the plug either. Compared to the 3 Wyze cams and 3 Wyze plugs I already own, this device seems half baked

EDIT: Thank you DesertRat! The GFCI was the issue. It is now set up and doing a FW update.
Thanks to all who replied.

They setup without issue for me. I setup 3 outdoor switches all at the same time and didn’t press any buttons. All three were seen by the app.

I had no issue either. I didn’t press any power button for the setup as the way I read it, if the light is flashing it is in pairing mode. If for some reason it is not flashing, then press the power button to get it into pairing mode. I actually used my plug to charge one of my WCO’s. it charged quickly which then I began testing the new WCO firmware.

I received mine and at first it would not connect , I found a gfci outlet and it worked. I then moved it to where I wanted

Mine set up fine, no button use. Have two more to go.

Does your plug Pair when it’s close? If so, download “inSsider” to test your Wifi.

Thanks! Gfci was my problem also.

bought 2 of the outdoor plugs. Tried multiple standard and GFCI outlets with both of the outdoor plugs… never could get the blue light to stay solid, but pressing/holding the button caused the light to stay solid blue for about 1/2 a second…but enough that it connected through the app and both work fine now.
Very odd

I’m having the same issue.
I purchased 5 and one isn’t connecting.
I’m also unable to generate and submit any logs as it times out every time

GFCI did not fix my problem. I’ve tried pretty much everything imaginable and nothing is working. Incredibly frustrating. Got this because the Meross I’ve had a few years has gone caput.

When I first plugged mine in to the gfci, it didn’t work. I then restarted the setup in the app and when the app was in the connecting mode, I pressed and held one of the buttons to reset the plug and only then did it connect. Sort of like what happened with Hillbilly.

Can I please hear your problem again?

What happens when you setup/sync your plug in the house 10 ft. From your router/modem then take in outside?

Mine was similar, but previously it was working in the exact plug. I made some modification on my system so I had to pull the plug (literally) and then replace. It kept failing setup (probably a non GFCI issue also?) I read on here to set it up inside and then take it back out and that worked! Now it seems to be working just fine again.

Thank you to those who contribute on here :slight_smile:

So, I eventually got my outdoor plug to work, but it’s still unreliable compared to other wyze devices. Eventually it just stops working until I go out and unplug/plug it back in which is annoying because this is the entire reason you get a smart outdoor plug… to not have to go out there to plug/unplug something in. I like it when it works, which is long stretches to be sure, but currently my outdoor lighting is off because I haven’t gotten around to going out and reseating it. I don’t know the reasons for this issue. I just know it invariably fades away and can’t be connected to anymore.