Outdoor Camv2 - can base station survive winter indoors in unheated cabin

Hi - I have a 3 season cottage where we shut down for winter and leave place unheated. Can the base station survive freezing temps indoors? I get it isn’t weather proof rain/snow etc but if indoors out of elements could it work? Curious if any others here leaving it in unheated space.

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I don’t know why it wouldn’t survive if it is plugged into power, it stays warm to the touch. If you plan on leaving it powered I would recommend connecting it to a smart plug so you can start/start from a remote location. Does your cabin have it own modem/router/internet access? Are you going to leave the power on?


Yes we have power all year round and internet. All the gear is rated for outdoors so never had an issue. It could drop as low as -20C in the cabin during winter. Smart plug is a good idea to be able to turn off if malfunction. Seeing the operating specs on base it says 0 degrees and above which is why I asked…

As I said the base generates some heat while plugged in but mine is just warm to the touch, not hot so it should be just fine, You should think about a smart plug for your modem/router also just in case. You could use WYZE or any other brand of Smart plug you like, I’m currently using Tp-Link Kasa Smart Plugs for my cams, it just another app on my phone. :upside_down_face:

how does the v3 indoor look thru glass at remote cabins that don’t have a lot of any outdoor lighting (in th woods!)…i put the v1 and its great during the day but pitch black during night bc a lack of night vision AND a lack of any outdoor lighting other than the stars and moon!

The v3 will be a bit better since it has a starlight sensor, but it still needs a little bit of light to work. If its pitch black outside, the cam will see the same.

If you can get a little solar light to put outside that could help a ton

Do note this thread is about the v2 outdoor battery cam though.

If you go with smart plug for the router don’t forget to create a schedule to turn it off/on at specific time, otherwise once you turn the plug off and wifi goes down, you won’t be able to turn the plug on as it needs wifi. Ask me how I know :slight_smile:

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I have three V3 is at he cabin, they’re outside though. At night you can’t see anything without IR on.

but you can see pretty good?

Not so much. I keep my cameras off during the night as no one can get to the place at night unless they know exactly where the property is. It is deep in the norther Ontario bush country, far, far away from any urban settings. I’ll try to remember and turn them on tonight so I can attach a screen shot. I also keep them off as bugs give me thousands of false notifications all night long.

Here are screenshots of the cameras around 3:00Am. Remember, it’s pitch dark outside, no artificial light for miles. All three cameras have IR on set to Near. Far doesn’t do anything except attract more bugs due to visible IR lights. If I turn the IR lights off, you can’t see anything. The video is totally black. I don’t care what type of sensor cameras have, if a naked eye can’t see anything, cameras won’t either.