Outdoor Camera User Experience in the app

I’m running a beta version of the app for other purposes, but I can confirm that in the Android version that the User Experience for the Outdoor Camera is much different than the indoor camera. The most annoying “Feature” is that when I select the outdoor camera in the app, I then have to click a big “power on” button to tell it to start showing me the feed. I understand the reasoning I think. The camera stays in a “low power state” when no one is viewing the video or when no motion is detected. However, when I open the camera in the app, I should not have another step to view the video…it should assume that is why I’m there.

Another thing, I have chosen to plug in my outdoor camera to power. So I should have the option to tell it “Do not going into power savings mode when plugged in” so that the video is available all the time. I don’t have the option anywhere.

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I also have the latest android beta, when I click on a WCO from the homescreen, it opens & displays the live view. What you’re describing is what you normally see when the cam is in a group. Do you have this WCO in a group?

hopefully they’ll add more options for people that have it plugged into constant power.