Outdoor camera taking pics often

I have 3 Wyze Outdoor cameras and have only been in place for about 6 months. Lately one of them takes a video and alerts me every 5 minutes and that is with no motion. The battery got low so I thought that may cause it so I fully charged it… placed it in a room with no activity and only about 2 ft from the wall… and it still alerts and takes videos every 5 minutes. Is the camera bad?

Thanks, Clark

What does it take videos of? do you have motion tagging on? For an experiment, Set the cooldown time to 1 minute and see if it takes a video every one min.

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It takes a video of what’s in front of the camera… I watch it and there is no motion. When it was outside I was watching the videos to see if anything moved, wind blowing a plant, etc. That is why I brought it into the house and please it where I knew absolutely nothing should trigger it. It the cooldown is set to 5 minutes, and it is, what does changing it to 1 minute prove. I think if it is set at 5 and t takes video every 5, nothing to prove … I am trying to determine if something internal is bad

Have you tried playing with the sensitivity?

I have not. This just started a week ago. It was fine before that.