Outdoor camera says offline, but events records

My outdoor cameras show offline on the main page, error 90 shows when I try to connect, but the event notifications pop up and events record.

The base station is flashing blue.

All cameras and base have repeatedly power cycled and cameras been charged, just in case. I even moved the camera near the base to test it, but the current set up has worked for ages.

All firmware is up at date.

What should I try next?

If the base is flashing blue that means it is trying to connect to the network you set it up on, did you power cycle your router?
Make sure your base is connected via ethernet then pull the power plug on the base, wait about 1 minute and plug it back in,. DO NOT delete anything from your app.

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Correct, following the troubleshooting guide, all cameras and the base station have been power cycled, several times, in varying order.

So is the LED light on the base solid blue or flashing blue? Did you try power cycling your router if it is FLASHING ?

LED on the base is flashing blue, it has been power cycled. My house router, I had power cycled, though am not sure of the order of all the operations.

Did you see that the events are still recording? So the cameras are working and recording, so are connected to the internet. But the main screen shows them offline.

Wait, weird, after working on this all week, now one of them shows connected. I am not home so will recheck them when home and let you know

Flashing Blue is not the normal Base status, that’s all I know. I’m using iPhone/iPad iOS 15.5, iOS app
2.31.1 (0), Base is connected via ethernet cam firmware is, base is