Outdoor camera not picking up people

So I have 5 V3 cameras and they work great. I’ve got them sending push notifications to my android and most of the time to my wife’s iPhone. The problem is with the 1 outdoor camera. It doesn’t do anything. If I’m looking at it on my phone, I can see it picking me up and drawing a box around me, but it doesn’t record, it doesn’t send notifications, nothing. What’s up?

Welcome to the community @darrellmaffei

Was wondering if you could do the following so we could help out on this:

  • What is the App Version you are using
  • What is your Base Station Firmware Version
  • What is your WCO Firmware Version

Then, can you post your settings for the Camera? Here are my settings for comparison. Note, I use CamPLus and set the Cool down and recording length to different intervals than default.

The “PIR Effective Area” is critical as that is where it will detect motion before anything happens.

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