Outdoor Camera needs to record even while I'm watching on live stream

I was very disappointed to realize that every time I opened the app to see what was causing the motion alert that my cam plus subscription stops recording. So when a moose was in our driveway - I enjoyed watching it through the app but now can show no one the video that he was there except for the first 5 seconds before I opened the app. This is frustrating that I am paying for a subscription that only records if I am not using the app. Please add this to future features.

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I have a higher end Thinkware dashcam. If I connect to Liveview, or playback, there is a warning that recording will stop.

My Ring Peephole Doorbell (battery) cam does record footage when in Liveview. Of course it is a much more expensive device.

The V2 does both at the same time. I assume the V3 does?

The only way the WCO does both is to schedule continuous recording I believe. Meaning, you could have turned on continuous recording then Liveview?

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