Outdoor camera doesn't detect beyond 5 feet

What settings do I need to tweak to get my outdoor camera to detect motion beyond the deck? It won’t let me change the zone, all I can do is physically adjust the camera which doesn’t help. I have the detection bar set to the farthest setting. I’m thinking I wasted my money.

The motion zone is not moveable. Adjusting the angle of the camera itself is the only way.

The area within the motion zone is set for much farther but no movement past the deck is every recorded.

we have a motion detection troubleshoot guide, see if this helps.


I checked the settings and made sure they matched you video. Still no notifications. The light stayed solid blue for 5 minutes even though the cool down setting is 1 minute. After the blue light went out it would not detect movement until I physically picked it up, even with that there was no notifications it recording.
This camera is worthless as a security camera!

were you live streaming for the 5 mins ? the light is not supposed to be on for 5 mins… I assumed you were live streaming it ?

No, I was not live streaming

are you able to replicate the light stays on for 5 mins ( without live streaming, or scheduled recording, or timelapse etc ) ? if so, we need to replace this units, or get you help to get more log info. This is not normal.

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