Outdoor Cam (WCO) playing at 1x by default

My WCO is playing videos by default and I am not seeing anywhere to make the videos play at normal speed. Is it supposed to do this? How can I change it?

What do you mean by 1x speed - 1x speed would be normal speed (or real time speed if that makes more sense).

The recording is playing faster than the normal rate of speed. I thought the 1x symbol at the bottom left meant sped up by 1 time because none of my other cams have that 1x button. All that said, it is playing faster than just normal speed.

The speed is only on cam + your all set,you have no issue,issues, default is what you have there is no slower

But why is it playing faster than real life? It is going faster than normal.

Hell have no clue try a hard reboot boot

Haha ok. Whats considered a hard reboot? I am new to WCOs.

Hard power is un plug it,then power back up

Reboot on the WCO is different then unplugging and indoor cam you need to turn the switch on the back off ( to the left) wait 15, 20 seconds turn it back on