Outdoor Cam V2 Issues

Some background: I purchased the Cam V3, was really impressed so decided on purchasing more. Since those had no issues, I tried the Outdoor V2 w/ a solar panel & was again really pleased. So I purchased a 2nd Outdoor V2 w/ a solar panel & it’s been nothing but trouble.

The camera frequently went offline. I tried restarting it, restarting the base, deleting the camera & reinstalling it. Finally decided to contact Wyze who sent me a replacement.

The replacement has issues w/ night mode constantly activating/deactivating as if it can’t decide which mode to be in. This caused bright flashes making it hard to view what’s being captured. Again, I tried restarting it, restarting the base, deleting the camera & reinstalling it, toggling night mode on/off manually. Nothing worked so I again contacted Wyze. This time I asked if it’d be possible to exchange for another camera & be credited back the difference. I was told that they could only offer me store credit for the camera but not the solar panel. Being that the solar panel can only be used for the Outdoor Cam, I decided to try another replacement as I don’t want to be stuck paying for something that would be useless if I accepted the store credit.

The 2nd replacement I decided to test inside my home to avoid the trouble of taking down my setup only to discover that this new replacement is also defective. Which in fact it is. It has the same issue as the first replacement except once it finishes toggling through night mode it stays in “normal” mode which picks up nothing as it’s too dark to view anything. So once again I’ve contacted Wyze for a 3rd replacement.

Did I get lucky with my first Outdoor Cam that came with the base? Did production go to crap after a while? Is anyone else having similar issues? This is incredibly frustrating as I’m feeling ripped off as I’m unable to actually use what I paid for & the only way to completely resolve it is to either continue this never ending process of exchanges or receive store credit only for the camera leaving me stuck with a solar panel I can’t use for anything else but paid money for.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried swapping the first working camera out with one of your replacements to see if it’s the location that’s causing issues? Have you tried disconnecting the solar panel and seeing if that’s causing the issues?

I have never experienced these and have 4 WCOs, all purchased at diffrent times

Yes. To both. I even tried placing one of my Cam V3’s in the position & it didn’t not have that issue. As I mention in my original post, the first Outdoor Cam only went offline frequently & did not have the problem with night mode.
Yesterday experimented with the 2nd replacement indoors & without the solar panel only to have the same horrible results. I wrote Wyze & and waiting for a response.

If you have both the original working v2 and any of the new “defective” v2s right next to each other next to your base station, the defective ones still have connectivity issues?

Also, do they all experience the same night vision behaviors when next to each other? Could you send some videos of the night vision issue if it continues?

If I understand your question correctly, none of the cameras were next to the base station or each other. They were all in their positions in which I intended to use them. But I only had connectivity issues w/ the 1st camera. All replacements had issues with night mode not activating correctly. I just received my 4th replacement & so far so good. I’m leaving this post up in case others experience similar issues. If my problems persist I will upload the videos that I sent wise.