Outdoor Cam (V1) suddenly mostly unusable

My Outdoor cam has been truckin’ along (after previous issues), and now I’m rarely able to connect to the livestream of the camera - “network is not stable” and then something about switching from HD to 360p mode. Fine, I’ll try it - only you have to be able to connect to the camera to change the video mode. I get “Connecting camera…connection attempts” and “force close and retry” and nothing works. It will connect briefly but then fail again when I try to do anything - or it seems to connect but it’s actually a stagnant view of a few minutes ago, I have a new router (faster, better) right near the camera and everything has been working fine. Hard-rebooting the camera is a difficult and a little painful (I have to lean out a window) process, and then I have to spend time re-aiming it. Why are these cameras so sensitive that they cannot keep working?