Outdoor cam (V1) - Recoding to SD Card and CamPro

2 hours on phone with support only led to him making to incorrect statements about features (see below)

  1. Camera will not record to SD card. It shows SD card as valid but not recording. I tried a Wyze SD Card 32GB, formatted as Fat32. I also tried a SanDisk 256GB formatted as ExFat.
    Support stated that 256GB is not supported…this does not seem correct since the below link states “Cards larger than 32GB should be set to exFAT.”

  2. Camera will not record events using Wyze cam Pro. Detection zone & sensitivity, motion detection, smart detection, etc. Everything is on but it is not recording any event. I have a Wyze Cam V3 right next to the Outdoor Cam and the Cam V3 records events, detects people and vehicles.

  3. CamPro purchased via app only partially recognized by camera (app showed campro active but no CamPro features worked. Partial Solution (from Support): Purchase CamPro via web. Better but still not all CamPro features work per the above.

Removing CamPro did not solve any problems.
App v 2.31.0 (7) - this ver fixed PRI and other issues.
Outdoor Cam V

I rebooted base and camera, reconfigured everything from scratch, etc.
Any ideas on how to solve? I have 7 days before I need to return this.

P.S. Wyze Support claims Detection zone is not supported and is not a feature of the Wyze outdoor. Hmmm….: https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037908391-Motion-Detection-and-PIR-Effective-Area. BTW, w/app v 2.31.0 (7) it works now.

Hey, sorry about all these issues your facing!

Support is very friendly but seem to lack information, or at least receive updates very late.

256 gb sd card should work with exFat as you mentioned, and everything below it should also work. Events are recorded and saved to the cloud, not the sd card. If you want to view those use the “Events” tab at the bottom of the page. The sd card is only for manually initiated time-lapses and continuous recordings.

Cam plus, light, and pro should all allow some form of event recording. Check the events tab for those. Make sure to clear all filters with the filter icon in hte upper right corner of the events page.

Make sure you assign the cam plus pro license to a camera in the services tab of the app.

Let me know if this works for you!

Thanks for the reply. First let me inform you that I have 3 other cameras on CamPro and they work fine and I know how to view events. BTW I also have 9 other Wyze cams (incl V1) so I am familiar with how to use most features. I know CamPro (and Lite) SHOULD record the events. But they are NOT recording the events. There are no events in the event tab. …and yes all settings are on (per my original note)…and yes filters are set to include the cam in question. and yes CamPro is assigned to this cam…If I am viewing the Cam and click “+” i n upper right it says “You have Cam Plus”.
The info you provided that the Cam will not record to the SD Card except for the time lapse and continuous is good info…I see that is different for the Outdoor vs the std Cams. Of course this will kill battery pretty quickly. Is there a way to schedule if every day?..eg. every day from 9-5PM or do I need to manually start it every day for 8 hours?

As far as I’m aware there’s no way to schedule recording on the WCO, as I don’t think it’s designed to do that. Make sure to vote on this post: Add More Actions for Wyze Rules - #599 by bluebirdcanary

Still not seeing events? Are they working on other cams? Have they been working and suddenly stopped?

Cam Plus Pro should give you events, are the other Pro featured working like the pro monitoring and facial recognition?

I suggest you do scheduled event recording motion only. You can set it for 30 days, no cooldown period and the duration of each event can be set for different lengths up to 5 min each. I’ve been doing this for 17 months, and it is not that bad on battery use. I charge my cams when they get to about 40% which is about one month with a very busy cam, like 10-20 events a day. the cam will record as long as there is motion up to the time limit you set say like 2 min per video. Most motion events are usually quit short like 10-30 seconds but I have had a few 2 minutes +. The scheduled event recording are kept in the phone/device photo album. To view you need to open the album, go to scheduled event recordings, when you tap an event it will download to your phone/device. You can watch the video on the app or on your device. I know it works with cam plus lite, I don’t know if it works with Cam Plus or PRO. If you just want certain hours you have to set it daily which is a PITA, if you turn the cam off you have to set up the scheduled recording, setting are not saved. If you turn off cloud event recording the cam will still record to the SD during scheduled event recording. I’m using a 32GB Samsung SD and it is more than enough for motion only recordings. And of course you can always take the SD out and view all events on a PC or device with a card reader. I don’t recommend any continuous recording except very short times. I made that error last week and didn’t look at my settings, the cam recorded continuous for 2.56GB and died with 0% battery :rofl:



ANtonius, Great detailed info. I guess I missed the Motion only option. I like what you said and how you use it. Now that I got that working I guess I don’t need camplus but sure would like to use it as well…I like the FF feature.

I recommend you at least have Cam Plus Lite if you don’t want to use Cam Plus or PRO. Album looks like this: See if it works with Cam Plus. I got rid of cam plus and started doing this because I could not download any event videos or even share any of the cloud event videos recorded with CP active.

Antonius, thanks again. More great info. However, I have too many issues with this camera. Cam lite, Cam Plus, it didn’t matter, nothing worked except the scheduled recording you suggested. I have 11 other cameras (but this is the only Outdoor cam), and none of them have issues with Cam lite or Plus. Even my v1 works better than this outdoor cam. I just returned the outdoor camera. Maybe I will order a new one and get the V2. But the support from Wyze is pathetic. When these things work they are great cams…and then they update something and you get issues all over again.