Outdoor cam - SD card

Whats the point of the SD card on the outdoor cam base station?

I had an event happen 14+ days ago. I saw it on my event history viewer but didnt download it then. Today Ive gone back to get it and its gone. I noticed that the SD card is only 50% full, so I assumed the clip would be there. I guess I should note that I have the Cam Plus Lite plan currently. There were clips on the Sd card but only for this past summer. I had subscribed to the trial of the Cam Plus subscription and I assume that was when.

I understand the difference between the cam plus and camplus lite - length of videos, cool down, etc. but shouldnt the the Cam Lite clips (even only 12 sec) be stored on the SD card?? if not that defeats the entire purpose of having one!

I don’t have my cams on CP lite anymore but when I did they all recorded the events to the base. It does not work with cam plus. Since my cams are on Cam Plus now I can’t check the settings but I believe the setting toggle for Back up to the base was located under the Event recording settings. Check settings and see if back up to base is turned on if you are still using CP Lite. You should go to your account > services and see if your cam is assigned to Cam Plus or CP Lite.