Outdoor Cam playback

My outdoor cameras not playing back recorded video. I get a spinning wheel, it loads, the line moves but the Video doesn’t play.

The v2 cameras that won’t stay connected, and the sensors that have never worked out of the box, I feel like a sucker, letting initial cost drive my decisions. I am really starting to believe you get what you pay for, and unfortunately with Wyze, you are not getting reliable, usable devices. If a camera can’t play what it records, or stay connected, they are totally useless. All of my Wyze products don’t work consistently. I know, now I have to log into my router, mess with settings again, maybe put it in bridge mode…maybe set up guest account and put them in there on 2.4 g… really? Or buy my own router…An easy setup? I really wish I spent more and bought the new Arlo or Blink cameras. I’ve spent way too much time on these [MOD EDIT] cameras.they simply do not work as advertised, no more than ten minutes. Such a disappointing out of the box experience, even the “event ticket” system sucks, a dead giveaway someone at the company isn’t paying attention.

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this kind of performance is unfortunate but I can assure you is not the experience of the majority of the community.

the routers from ISP’s are notoriously cheap and fickle hardware. if all of your devices are showing this kind of performance more than likely it can be traced back to your router. especially if you have many connected devices on it as many low end routers limit the number of connections the router can have.

another issue that may cause issues like what you describe is bandwidth in general.

I would love to help you get this sorted out and get to the bottom of this hopefully before you go out and buy far more expensive cameras only to get the same disappointing performance. what type of router do you have and what are your up and down speeds?

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I agree with @Bam. I have used three different routers. One of the routers was very problematic and when I searched in the manufacturer’s forum I found that a lot of users have problems with the 2.4 gigahertz channel. Subsequently I noted in the forum that some routers come with airtime fairness enabled by default and that was probably the problem with the router that was problematic.

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