Outdoor cam not working at night

Hi All,

We have two outdoor cams one in the front and one in the back. The front cam is mounted on the upstairs balcony looking at the driveway. The first two weeks it worked great! We upgraded to CamPlus last week when it was made available for the outdoor cams. I have called support twice not and they state that all of my settings are correct. However since upgrading to CamPlus the Cameras no longer pick up activity from about 6/7 pm till about 4am. There is not rules set up or anything. Any ideas?

Hello @Nikkiwikki1488 and welcome to the community

After putting Cam Plus on the cameras did you restart them. Is the camera in the back picking up events after being added to Cam Plus? If you remove the Cam Plus license from the front cam does it start catching events again?

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It’s only at night from about 6 or so to 4’ish in the morning. I’m going to see if it does it again tonight since I just re-charged and restarted them the day before yesterday and yesterday as we know there were system issues. I will try your suggestion of removing CamPlus and I’ll test out the rear tonight

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If they are easy to get to you could also swap front and rear and see if the problem follows the cam or if it stays in the front no matter what cam is there.