Outdoor Cam not functioning (urgent security situation)

My outdoor cam can’t hold a charge. I have an SD card plus Cam Plus on it.

I charged the outdoor cam on Thursday evening to full, Friday morning I was getting a low battery alert. I charged it again right away. Typically it lasts about a week, so this was weird.
Last night the battery was drained low again, so I charged it to full.
Saturday morning it was at about 4% and had no events it recorded or noticed all night. Nothing.
I charged it for six hours, it’s at 100%, and it cannot detect motion that the other outdoor cam is detecting.

Can I switch the Cam Plus to the other cam?
And switch the SD card to the other cam?

I have a serious and specific security situation and it’s urgent. I need this for my safety.
I am very disappointed to learn that there’s no tech support this weekend. But I’ve found community forum to be a great resource for real help.

The answer to both is yes. In the app, go to Account, Services CamPlus. Select EDIT for the license you need to move, uncheck the faulty camera and check the camera you need to use. As for the SD card, shutdown the faulty camera, eject the card and put it into the new one. You might want to format it, just in case.


thank you so much for quick help! how do I format the sd card? I’m doing this all right now.

oh did you mean change the settings on the now cam plus camera? I did that. :slight_smile:

First, I don’t have an outdoor camera. On the regular cameras you go to the advanced settings on the camera where you set recording preferences and there is an option to manage the SD card which will allow you to format it.

We’re you using your cam for continuous recording? I suggest you set it up for scheduled event recording for a week or even 30 days, no cool down time and the maximum video length of your choice. Make sure you have a good 32 GB SD or a 64 SD card formatted to FAT 32.

How are you using the wco? Live viewing it at all? Set schedule recording going all the time?

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Overnight (and in general) it’s just set to detect and record motion. Pretty standard usage. The night it drained from 100% to zero, it recorded no events. I don’t think I accidentally left it on continuously, I’m not sure how I could do that. Nor how I could check to see if that was what was done.

Occasionally I use live view to check on it. I have not set a schedule for it.
I hope this is helpful.
Big big thanks to WildBill for the help in switching cameras right away, I cannot tell you how much that helped relieve some of the stress that day. Thank you!!

You are very welcome. Happy I was available to assist when you needed help.

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